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Garage liability insurance is of the most importance for auto-related businesses such as auto body shops. This type of insurance is a necessity for you to have especially when someone else’s vehicle is under your care. This insurance normally applies to any liability that involves garage buildings, garage equipment and content, as well as vehicles. It protects a business from a claim that involves a customer’s vehicle while on business property. If you’re looking for a garage liability insurance quote for your auto-related business, look no further than Boardwalk Insurance Group! For your convenience they have several ways you can contact them.

Garage Liability Insurance Is Always On Demand

No matter what type of auto business you own your first priority should be to have the proper insurance coverage for your business. Garage liability insurance is always on demand because of the many businesses that deal with customer’s vehicles. Accidents and mistakes happen and in most cases if an auto business isn’t covered by the right type of insurance they can endure a financial loss. In order to ensure that your business is protected you need to consult with an insurance broker that can give you a garage liability insurance quote. An agent will ask you questions to find out exactly what type of coverage you need. The insurance broker uses price-shopping and innovative carrier-matching tools to produce significant savings for their customers. When taking this course of action it lets you know how much the cost will be and if it fits within your business budget.

Receive Your Garage Liability Insurance Quote Today!

Garage businesses attend to a wide-range of automobiles and customers. From luxury cars to sports vehicles to modern makes and models. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is when it’s on your property and in your possession you are responsible for it. Any accident or damage that happens to a customer’s vehicle while in your garage can mean costly damages to you and your business. Therefore, making sure you have the correct insurance coverage for your garage business is mandatory. Opting for garage liability insurance will ensure that you and your garage are well-protected from any financial risk. To learn more about garage liability insurance for your auto-related business and to receive your garage liability insurance quote today, consult with a professional insurance broker by visiting the website of Boardwalk Insurance Group. You will also receive excellent customer service

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Whether your business is a body shop, auto repair shop, or other auto-related services, you know that mistakes can be expensive. Even though, it is commonly accepted that individuals do make mistakes, it’s not acceptable for customers to pay for a service mistake. Even when your staff of technicians and mechanics are trained and experienced, mistakes do occur in the auto repair procedure. However, the problem with making errors with an auto repair is it can be costly. This is where garage keeper’s liability insurance comes into play. Having this type of insurance coverage is a must for your auto shop. It will protect you and your business in many ways.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

Shopping for insurance for your auto shop needs doesn’t have to be stressful. Matter of fact, when you use the services of a reliable insurance agent it can be very simple. In order to protect your auto shop business it’s in your best interest to make sure you’re properly covered. Therefore, you need to turn to an insurance agent that can assist you in finding garage keepers liability insurance. An insurance agent will discuss with you the available policies and which one will best suit your specific needs for your auto shop business. They also will ensure that you receive an affordable rate. By taking out garage keepers liability insurance you are protecting not only your business but also your employees in case a mistake happens to a customer’s vehicle while in your employees care or at your shop. The policy helps reduce any financial risk to your business when accidents happen.

Insurance Agency You Can Trust

Boardwalk Insurance Group is a reputable insurance agency you can trust when it comes to commercial insurance needs such as garage keeper’s liability insurance. When you require only the best policy to cover and protect your auto shop at a reasonable cost you can rely on insurance agents to find it! An insurance broker makes you their priority. The agents represent a full line of competitive and quality insurance companies to meet your precise needs at excellent prices. With an online, state-of-the-art computer rating system they are able to make an instant comparison on rates. This allows you to receive the best value for your business needs. The quick and efficient service you receive will exceed your expectations!

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As an owner of an auto service facility your shop is equipped with the necessary tools and your employees are skilled to perform auto repair tasks; however is your facility properly insured? Let’s face it, no matter how careful you and your employees are accidents do happen. If a customer’s vehicle becomes damaged while in your garage, you are held accountable. Protect your auto repair garage with garage keeper insurance. In order to obtain garage keeper insurance you need to consult with a reputable insurance agency such as Boardwalk Insurance Group.

Consult with an Insurance Agent

When consulting with an insurance agent about your specific insurance needs it’s important to relay what type of insurance you need for your business. This helps the agent better understand your requirements and they are able to offer the best insurance policy to fit your budget and your exact desires. Garage keeper insurance is a form of protection that comes from a diverse angle than other policies. The objective of this coverage is to offer protection against damages that are caused to a customer’s automobile while in your possession. A few examples of the protection you have with garage keeper insurance includes if a customer’s vehicle is stolen while on your property or a customer’s automobile becomes damaged by a fire you have stored in your garage shop. Therefore, to ensure that your business is fully protected it is mandatory to have garage keeper insurance so that your customer’s vehicles are protected if it becomes damaged while in your care.

Have Adequate Protection to Cover Customer Vehicles

Trying to find a reasonable policy on your own to cover your business can be time consuming and frustrating as well as confusing. However, when you turn to an insurance agency for assistance their agents can find you the best policy at an affordable cost. An agent will make certain that you have adequate protection to cover your customer’s vehicles when they are on your property. When it comes to your insurance needs you are an agent’s top priority and you will receive competitive rates, exceptional service and flexible terms. You will find that doing business with them is easy and convenient. For more information or to get a quote about garage keeper insurance for your auto repair shop, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group today by visiting their website.

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A liability claim can threaten even the most successful small business. If you run a business, the sight of active customer traffic can be a pleasant one, but if a customer falls down and sustains a serious injury, it could cost your business a significant amount of money. Therefore, it is essential that all business owners have commercial liability insurance.

What Does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

There are different types of liability insurance. Commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and damage to property that occurs while on the premises. The damage or injury can be caused by business operations or items on the premises, including products. Although general commercial liability insurance can cover many of the accidents and events that can lead to an expensive lawsuit, business owners may want to get coverage for specific items that are not covered in the general plan.

Pay Attention to Details

It is important to be aware of the details in a commercial liability insurance plan. For instance, a regular plan may cover injury or damage caused by the company’s products on the premises, but this may not cover products that have been recalled. In many cases, coverage only applies to events that occur during regular business hours and not on weekends or times when the building is closed. The coverage may also not extend to liability issues resulting from products used at home and may be confined to problems caused by products on the company’s premises.

Do You Need Additional Commercial Liability Coverage?

A general commercial liability insurance plan will cover most events that can occur on the business premises during working hours, but many business owners feel they need additional coverage. Large companies with many employees may opt for liability insurance that will cover them if there are claims of unfair dismissal or workplace harassment. Businesses with complex financial operations may need insurance to provide coverage for errors in financial reporting. In addition, defective products are a worry of many business owners, and special coverage is required if the company produces items on a massive scale.

Choosing the Right Insurance

Every business owner needs liability insurance. The question is how much. A general plan will cover your company and its premises during regular working hours, but you may need extra coverage for your merchandise, events that can happen in the warehouse and other variables. Talk to an expert at Boardwalk insurance about business liability insurance plans. Browse our website and feel free to contact our representatives to answer your questions.

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When you own a business, it’s important to understand the many accidents and incidents that can happen in which your business may be held responsible. People can slip and fall or become ill. Fires can happen, as can theft or car accidents. This is the reason that commercial insurance for liability claims is so important.

First off, let’s look at what business insurance consists of. This term speaks of all types of coverage available which protects a business owner from a loss. Business insurance can cover your business vehicles, legal claims, and even provide health insurance for the workers you employ.

Business insurance is important for any business owner, even those who might believe they don’t have enough assets to be sued or you’re somehow shielded from personal liability. However, the reality is that any business can be sued and it can cause some serious problems. It can even leave you personally liable for debts.

There are a few different types of business insurance that should be considered. The first is property and casualty insurance. Property insurance will cover the location of the business and its contents from things like theft, fire, floods, and hurricanes. However, you should read the fine print to see exactly what is covered by your insurer. Casualty insurance covers the operation of business, but is usually grouped with property insurance.

Commercial auto insurance from an agent is the second type of business coverage. This covers damage or loss pertaining to business vehicles. These vehicles are not covered under your personal auto insurance, even if they are used for both business and personal purposes.

Next is liability insurance. This is coverage that comes into play if someone sues you for negligence, which can happen when, as an example, someone slips and falls in your business or on the property it sits on. There is also product liability insurance, which covers damages caused by a product your company designed, made, or supplies.

Other types of insurance for commercial purposes include business interruption insurance, health insurance, disability and life insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Many times, you can get a policy that covers a number of these things at once to make it simpler.

If you need commercial business insurance, consider Boardwalk Insurance Group for your policies. They offer many insurance options in half of the states in the United States. You can find out more on their website or contact them at 713-987-3480.

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When you run a business, there are a million things to think about every day, and commercial insurance liability probably is not at the top of your list. By selecting an effective commercial auto insurance agent, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best advice available regarding coverage for your business. Keep reading to find out more about commercial auto and liability insurance and the types of coverage available for your large or small business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial auto insurance agent can help you decide the best insurance coverage for your business vehicles. This type of coverage should cover your entire business fleet, including delivery trucks, snow plows, buses, and any other vehicle used for business purposes.

Similar to personal auto insurance, commercial auto policies should include bodily injury liability, property damage, collision, and comprehensive coverage. This is a great tool to protect your business against claims for medical payments, personal injury claims made against the business, or uninsured motorists that cause an accident involved a company vehicle.

Don’t rely on good luck. Instead, ensure your business has effective auto insurance to guard against financial disaster. Your commercial auto insurance agent can answer any questions you have regarding available coverage.

Commercial Insurance Liability

Commercial insurance liability protects you from bodily injury and property damage claims for incidents that occur at your business. Additional coverage options that may be suitable for some businesses include personal and advertising injury. Operations coverage pays for any bodily injury or property damage that takes place at your business. Products insurance, or completed operations insurance, covers claims for any bodily injury or property damage caused by your products.

In some cases, your business may require additional liability insurance or an umbrella policy to cover the difference between your insurance limit and the value of the insured assets.

Liability insurance is something that seems unnecessary and frivolous to some business owners. In order to avoid being over or under-protected, work with an experienced agent to determine what policies will cover your business without breaking the bank.

Contact Us

Boardwalk Insurance Group has an array of competitive insurance partners that can meet your commercial insurance needs affordably. Use our online quote system or give us a call at 713-987-3480 today. Feel free to visit us online at or drop by our office, located at 10849 Kinghurst Street, Suite 135, Houston, Texas 77099. We look forward to meeting you!

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Garage Keepers Insurance for the Aspiring Auto Detailer 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Opening an auto detailing service seems like the perfect business model. Low-capital startup and plenty of positive cash flow, the only thing missing is a trip to Auto-Mart to pick up some equipment and you could be in business tomorrow.

This is where taking a moment to count the full cost of doing business can save you plenty in the long run. There is much troubleshooting, cautious planning and important considerations that must be addressed before you can get a bona fide business off the ground.

The most important of these is proper insurance coverage. This is where the unassuming shake their heads and say “don’t worry, nothing will happen,” “it’s not demolition derby, it’s just auto detailing,” or “but, what about my positive cash flow”. This type of mentality is not conducive to a productive business of handling other people’s property.

Auto detailing, simplistic as it may sound, will mean handling the second-largest investment many people will make. Car owners can be especially sensitive about the way their cars are handled and the conditions in which they are returned.

While general business liability insurance should just be a given, it is important that you consider proper garage keepers insurance as well. This is especially important if you will work in a fixed-location, even if you are not actually doing any mechanical work.

It is a good idea to ask your insurance agency in Texas how much garage keepers insurance coverage you are going to need to safely conduct your business. Think of the negative possibilities; a car could get stolen, subjected to fire damage or even accidentally damaged while being moved or detailed.

You will want to look for coverage in the vicinity of $50,000 to $100,000 simply for damage to any of your client’s vehicles while they are in your charge. A reputable independent insurance agent in Texas can give you more information for fire or theft insurance.

The good news is that there are some ways to keep your premiums from destroying your positive cash flow. First of all, consider paying minor claims with cash out on hand. If you turn every small claim to the insurance coverage they will simply up your premiums.

Furthermore, if you are operating a pick-up and drop-off services, you will want to make sure you have a spotless driving record. If you plan on hiring employees you will want to be sure their records are equally clean, this will help to keep those garage keepers insurance premiums to the bare minimum.

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Why you Need Exotic Car Insurance Coverage for Your Unique Vehicle 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Specialized automobiles that have been labeled “exotic” often have different specifications and needs that your average personal conveyance. In addition to special care and maintenance, specialized insurance policies have been drafted by many insurance agents in Texas that cater to the needs of these very expensive automobiles.

The aptly named “exotic car insurance” is designed to protect those cars that not only cost more but are capable of higher-performance in acceleration, top speeds and handling. This short post will illustrate the specifics and considerations to keep in mind when shopping for exotic car insurance.

What is ‘Exotic Car Insurance’?

In addition to the usual coverage provided by auto insurance, an exotic car policy will usually include provisions for the specialty parts, replacement values and accidents that are considerably more severe — at least financially so— than the same damages sustained by a regular automobile.

As an owner of one of these cars, you must know that replacements, tuning and repair services cost more and are sometimes harder to find. The precision components under the hood of a Bentley or Lamborghini just can’t be swapped out with spare parts from a junkyard, often they have to be special ordered from the manufacturer.

This is where finding a competitive insurance provider in Houston, who can create a policy that properly addresses the value of these costly cars, can keep your exotic automobile safely covered in the case of accident.

Another important consideration for exotic cars is that they don’t feel the effects of depreciation in the same way that other vehicles do and having a policy that reflects this value is important to preserving the value of an exotic car and will not leave room for error in the underwriters calculations.

Finally, there is a cost difference in premiums that will be relative to the car itself, and the use and age it has seen. An exotic car that has been well taken care of, is a bit older and doesn’t get much use, could benefit from a fairly inexpensive policy. By the same measure, a year model exotic car in the hands of an inexperienced driver may require a large price.

In Closing

In the end it will be about finding an insurance agent in Texas that can cut you the best deal. Insurance agencies in Texas offering specialty insurance policies like business car insurance, garage keepers insurance or other special offers for commercial liability insurance often have great deals for exotic car insurance as well.

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How to Be Sure You Are Getting the Best Deals from Your Insurance Agency in Texas 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Boardwalk Independent Insurance Agency in Texas is hard at work producing the most appropriate types of coverage for the many different types of businesses in Houston and the State. From garage keepers insurance to business auto insurance, the options can become very specific. Matching the best option to your situation is key to finding the best deal from an insurance agency in Texas.

But selecting the right coverage for your business shouldn’t be a stressful task.  Small business owners can take advantage of finding their perfect match by working with an independent insurance agency in Houston.

These independent insurance agents make the task of insurance shopping easier and remove the guesswork from what can be a confusing market. This article will provide you some of the basics of working with an Independent Insurance Agency in Houston, keep these in mind and you will greatly reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Get an Industry Expert

 As mentioned, there are many policies that have been tailor made to fit every need, if you find an independent insurance agent in Texas with a keen insight into the needs of a business in your industry, they will be able to find you the most cost effective policies and insurance providers that will keep your business protected and not paying a fortune in premiums.

  • Stick to the Essentials

 It is a common error for small business owners to take out every policy they think is applicable for their “baby”. The truth is, smaller businesses are not actually at the same risk levels as larger businesses, therefore they can be suitably covered with basic business liability insurance and maybe one or two others that an independent insurance agency like Boardwalk Insurance, would gladly recommend.

  • Talk to Several Providers

 Perhaps the most common piece of advice will ultimately guarantee you the best deal. By getting as many quotes as possible, you will be able to compare the value of the policies and their prices at a glance – make sure you actually walk away with the best deal.

 Independent Insurance Providers typically work with several insurance providers and this allows them to calculate the best deals for you and your business’ needs.

 Final Notes

The task of getting the best deal for your situation can be a tedious task and the successful outcome can require plenty of your time and focus that could be better spent attending to your business. Boardwalk Insurance, a leading Independent insurance agency in Texas, can apply their experience to finding you the best option and save you the effort. Don’t trust your luck here, get expert advice.

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Unexpected Costs of Driving 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Driving an automobile can be expensive, and not just because of gas prices. Commercial liability insurance is just one of the likely expenses, and there are various other items on the list. Many think that they can avoid these expenditures through sheer skill, but the truth is that the expenses can present a problem to anyone, regardless of their driving habits.

Accidents Where Somebody Else Is at Fault

There are various scenarios where an accident is somebody else’s fault, yet the innocent party still has to cover some, if not all of their costs. If the other party can successfully argue that they weren’t at fault, the innocent driver could have the best exotic car insurance and still end up paying for the consequences, often quite literally. The guilty party driving away without leaving any contact information or clue to their whereabouts is another quite common scenario, which unfortunately often leaves the law-abiding party without any real options.


When someone depends on their vehicle to make a living, the car will inevitably take a beating. That also leads to other problems, and depending on the business auto insurance is not always an option. They could find themselves without a car for days, which could endanger their livelihood. When someone’s living depends on the fact that they have a car or not, renting one becomes an absolute necessity. Because of these reasons, finding an insurance agency in Houston that’s willing to add a rental cause to their insurance coverage might be an idea worth considering.

Luxury Electronics Repairs

Any half-decent exotic car insurance covers this, but today’s automobiles often come with highly sophisticated, state of the art techs even at the lower price ranges. GPS devices and camera systems are becoming common, and any repair or replacement process can potentially cost a fortune.

State Fees

Finding a quality insurance agent in Texas can keep someone from paying a few of these expanses, but state fees may still apply. These fees usually fall between $200 and $600, more often closer to the latter. The good news is that the fee is often paid with the car purchase.

High Deductibles

Financial professionals usually advise those who are looking for an exotic car warranty to choose high deductibles. That way they can keep the rates down, but on the other hand, any potential accident could end up costing them a lot. A lower deductable is better for those who are willing to shell out significant money each month, provided that they get a highly diverse insurance coverage without any weaknesses.

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