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Do you have the right insurance coverage in place for your restaurant or café?

As the owner of a restaurant or eatery establishment, you are at risk of a variety of insurance claims by others as well as losses from fires, power outages and much more.  It is therefore imperative that you maintain proper insurance coverage designed for your specific type of business.  Boardwalk Insurance Group provides coverage for the following options:

  • Peak season coverage for your business personal property
  • Broad coverage for Drive-Ins, Food Courts, Internet Cafes, Pizza Shops, etc.
  • Available for operations open 24 hours such as Denny’s or IHOP restaurants or 24 hour fast food restaurants
  • Liquor Liability Coverage available

•    Business owners Policy form
•    General Liability that expands the definition of Bodily Injury to include mental anguish or emotional distress with no deductible
•    Non owned and Hired Car coverage (without delivery)
•    Loss of Income on Actual Loss Sustained basis up to the stated limit
•    No Coinsurance Clause; No Classification Limitation or Designated
•    Premises Endorsement
•    Personal Property of Others up to Contents limit
•    Peak Season coverage
•    $5,000 transit
•    Replacement Cost coverage available
•    Special Cause of Loss available
•    Equipment Breakdown Coverage available

•    Accounts with dancing and entertainment are eligible
•    Contents only coverage available
•    Replacement Cost Valuation available
•    Value Plus Endorsement available – 15 valuable coverage enhancements; including Water Back-up, Money & Securities, Employee Dishonesty, Signs, Transit and more
•    Additional Equipment Breakdown coverage includes food spoilage

There is much more available than what is listed above so any restaurant type is encouraged to apply for a free, non-obligatory quote.

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