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Insurance for Environmental Product and Service Businesses

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If you own or manage a business that deals with environmental products and/or services, we have special programs available in terms of your commercial insurance requirements.

Whether you are a contractor (environmental or non-environmental), a consultant, a microbrewery, an analytical lab, or a crime scene cleanup company, we have something that will greatly benefit you in terms of coverage and pricing.

Preferred Risks:

Environmental Contractors
•    Asbestos, Lead, Mold and PCB Abatement
•    Soil, water and ground water remediation
•    Storage tank installation and removal
•    Emergency response and hazardous material clean-up
•    Lab packing, medical wastes and drum handling
•    Environmental drilling and sample collection
•    and many more…
Environmental Consultants
•    Phase I, II, III survey consultants, remedial design, implementation, oversight asbestos, lead, mold surveying and abatement design, environmental regulations, compliance and permitting waste arranging/brokering

Non-environmental contractors pollution
•    Carpentry
•    Plumbing
•    Electrical, HVAC/mechanical
•    Concrete/masonry
•    Insulation, excavation/grading
•    Industrial cleaning
•    Painting
•    Roofing
•    Utilities
•    Street/road
•    Oil/gas lease operations
•    Drilling (oil, gas, water)

We have the markets and knowledge to help you with the items listed above and much more.