Boardwalk Insurance Group

Insurance for Lawn Care Service Providers and Lawn Mowing Companies

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Why Do Lawn Care Services Need Coverage?
•    An Employee can accidentally break a client’s window when a stone is thrown from the lawn mower.
•    A high quality lawn mower is stolen from a job site during lunch break.

Our Coverage Features:
•    No Liability Deductible
•    Expanded definition of bodily injury to include sickness or disease caused by mental anguish or emotional stress
•    Defense costs provided outside the limit of liability
•    Up to 50% subcontracted work is eligible
•    Blanket Additional Insured Coverage is available
•    Subcontractors are not required to name our insured as an additional insured or to carry equal limits

Our Product Features:
•    Commercial General Liability coverage with optional Contractors Equipment coverage
•    General Liability is rated based on the number of employees
•    Broad eligibility to include:
1.    New Ventures
2.    Up to 10 workers
3.    Receipts up to $500,000
•    Low General Liability minimum premium of $450
•    Low Contractor’s Equipment deductible of $500
•    Ability to cover rented or borrowed equipment
•    Blanket Additional Insured option available

Our Coverages:
•    General Liability (Up to):
1.    $1,000,000 per Occurence
2.    $2,000,00 General Aggregate
3.    Commercial Excess General Liability or Unbrella available with limits up to $5,000,000

Optional Coverages:
•    Contractor’s Equipment coverage available
1.    Schedules up tp $150,000
2.    $50,000 limit per individual piece of equipment
3.    $10,000 & $20,000 equipment rental coverage options
4.    Up to $15,000 available for miscellaneous tools and equipment

Additional Advantages with Boardwalk Insurance Group:
•    Competitive pricing
•    $0 General Liability Deductible
•    Quick turnaround times with quotes