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Insurance For Pest Control Companies and Operators

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Do you own or manage a pest control company or pest control service?  Are you a pest control operator?  If so, your business requires you to carry commercial insurance in order to prevent a financial disaster should something happen while you and your crew are out doing their jobs.  Insurance for your pest control business is not something available to purchase online and is not something offered by all insurance agents nor by all insurance companies.  In fact, to get proper coverages at rates you can live with, you need to go to someone who understands the ins and outs of your business.
This is where Boardwalk Insurance Group comes in.  Our professional agents understand your needs and work with carriers, on your behalf, who insure pest control operators and pest control companies on a regular basis.

Rare and unexpected mishaps do happen from time to time and can lead to big bucks in expenses to remedy the loss incurred by your clients.  Sometimes, these can lead to lawsuits which can strip your entire business away.  No one wants this to happen and it can be prevented if you carry adequate insurance coverage to protect you.  While you and your team are out trying to make a living, accidental damage to your client’s properties may occur and replacement of their home or contents may be warranted.