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Insurance for Roofing Contractors

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After a bad storm, new roofing might be needed to keep the water and wildlife out of your attic, and house.  Roofing can be a dangerous job where a slip could lead to injury or property damage.  Many roofing companies also use contractors to complete jobs.

Insurance for contractors provides an important layer of protection for both the roofing company and the labor.  Installing a new roof on a property can run into a variety of delays and face  many hazards, making insurance for contractors a must.

Boardwalk Insurance Group has in-house binding authority for commercial and residential roofing contractors.  We can write insurance for contractors that range in size from small businesses with less than $1 million annual sales volume, to larger commercial contractors.  Most Roofers perform both residential and commercial roofing work of which can be included in the insurance for contractors.

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