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Special Insurance Program for Pawn Shops and Pawn Brokers

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Boardwalk Insurance Group is proud to announce a special package program designed specifically to meet  the needs of  pawnbrokers or pawn shop owners through one of our brokers.

Available Coverage’s

•    Special Form – Building Personal Property & Business Income
•    Pawned & Owned Jewelry & Guns
•    Pawned & Owned Other Stock
•    Block Form including Firearms, Jewelry, Precious Stones, Watches, Gold, Silver and Other Metals
•    Memo
•    Shipments
•    Property in Transit and Registered Mail
•    Electronic Data/Computer Equipment
•    Property Extension Endorsement Includes
1.    Employee Dishonesty
2.    Money & Securities
3.    Accounts Receivable
4.    Outdoor Property – Fence, Antennas, Sign, Trees, Shrubs or Plants
5.    Spoilage
6.    Property Off Premises
7.    Valuables
8.    Papers & Records
9.    General Liability Including Products Liability for Guns

Limits Available

•    Property – up to $2,000,000 per location
•    Liability – up to $1,000,000 each occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate (primary)
•    Excess Liability – up to $10,000,000
•    Fire Damage Legal – $100,000 as required (higher limits available)
•    Block – no sub-limit on jewelry/firearms

Special Coverage’s Available:
•    Forms can be written on Commercial General Liability and Commercial Property or Business (owners forms specifically designed for pawnshops)
•    Replacement cost on buildings (depending on age & updates)
•    2 or 3 times pawn value or actual cost of the loan plus legally accrued interest
•    Theft Limitation Endorsement offered with available credits on pawned jewelry