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Assault and Battery Insurance Coverage for Restaurants and Habitational Businesses 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Boardwalk Insurance Group, through it’s brokers and carriers, now offers Assault and Battery Coverage on Restaurants and Habitational Risks.

Coverage Highlights for Restaurants with Commercial General Liability:
- Included at no additional cost when eligible
- Available if Alcohol Sales are less than 30% of Gross Sales
- Available if no Alcohol Sales
- Included in CGL limits up to $1M / $2M Limits
- Available on Mono-Line CGL or Package of CGL & Liquor
- Not available on $2M / $2M or $2M / $4M Limits
- Not available when quoting Mono-line Liquor Liability

Acceptable even with:
- New Ventures
- Playgrounds
- Entertainment
- Open late

Coverage Highlights for Habitational Businesses with Commercial General Liability:
- Included at minimal charge
- Included in CGL limits up to $1M / $2M Limits
- No Prior Losses from Assault & Battery in past 3 years
- No new ventures
- No high crime areas
- No risks with HUD, Subsidized or Student Housing
- Not avaiable on $2M / $2M or $2M / $4M Limits
- Habitational Supplemental required to quote. click here

What are Habitational Risks?
- Apartments
- Dwellings
- Condominiums
- Townhomes
- Hotels
- Motels


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