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Top Insurance Myths

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Whether you’re thinking of purchasing life insurance, planning to shop insurances for a small auto shop or getting into a massive litigation battle about an injury on the job, one thing is for certain: today’s insurance market is highly convoluted. With so much jargon and wording, it no surprise that not every completely understands how the system works- but it is funny to overhear questions like “why do I need life insurance?” as you walk around the town. This blog post is here to dispel some of those falsities, rumors and untruths that you may have heard about insurance market:

Myth #1: Every Issue Requires Insurance

The point of purchasing insurance packages is to protect you from a financial, civil, legal or medical disaster in the event that the price may be out of your reach. If the payment can be settled out of market or out of court, then there’s no need to file a claim for something minor- otherwise, you could see your premiums begin to skyrocket if the insurance is used irresponsibly.

Myth #2: Everyone Needs Life Insurance

The basis behind this claim is this: if you’re living, then you need to protect your life. News flash- life insurance can’t protect you from being hit by a truck. What it can do is set aside funds and property for important parties in the event that something terrible (like getting hit by a truck) happens. If for instance, you have no immediate family, then indeed, life insurance may be unnecessary.

Myth #3: I Don’t Need Flood Insurance

Unless you live in Arizona or drier parts of California, having a decent flood insurance package can be the difference between a lovely home and a devastated pile of rubble. Obviously the latter’s occurrence is more of an anomaly, it can still happen, even if you live in an area not particularly prone to flooding.

Myth#4: Social Security Will Cover for Potential Disability Insurance

In today’s unraveling social security market, don’t assume that benefits are coming your way any time soon. Since not everyone qualifies for social security benefits, a disability insurance package is something you should consider.

Myth #5: I’m Healthy So I Don’t Need Health Insurance

This myth has the most far reaching consequences of them all. Usually when healthy people defer from insurance (Obamacare has stymied this by instituting a defer tax), they show up at the hospital when their situation is critical (expensive) and unintentionally spread the costs of service across the entire risk pool.

Regardless of what type of insurance you’re looking at, you need a quality insurance firm to take care of you, your family or your company. The Boardwalk Insurance Group has an excellent track record with an experienced staff and a wide client base. Check them out today to see what all the hype is about!