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Workers / Workmans / Worker’s Comp in Texas

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If you are a business owner in Texas and would like to carry a worker’s comp policy on your employees, Boardwalk Insurance Group has many programs specifically designed for your business.  We even have preferred programs which provide custom coverage and special rates for various industries.

Preferred Classes:
Landscape Garden & Drivers
Machine Shop
Lawn Maintenance by Contract
Plumbing & Drivers
Concrete or Cement Work
Grocery Retail Stores
Retail Stores
Wholesale Grocery Stores
Auto Service Station & Drivers
Auto Repair Shop & Parts
Physician & Clerical
Hotel: ALL Employees & Drivers
Electrical Wiring within Buildings & Drivers                                                Painting/Paperhanging
Clothing / Apparel / Dry Goods Retail Stores
Clubs: Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Fishing, Yacht & Clerical

Additional Classes:
Sheet Metal Workshop & Outside
Concrete Construction
Fence Erection: Metal
Wholesale Stores
Jewelry Stores
Retail Drug Stores
Buildings: Operation by Owner or Lessee
Beauty Parlor / Barber Shop / Tanning Salon
Day Care / All employees
Laundries and Laundromats
And many more.

If you don’t see your business on this list, give us a call or send an email to discuss.