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Cheap Homeowners Insurance

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These days, everyone is looking to save money where they can.  While there are expenses which can be completely cut out, things such as your mortgage or rent, insurance coverage, grocery and more are required no matter what your financial situation is.  It may seem like there is nothing you can do about these expenses, but you may be surprised.

For example, many insurance companies have raised their rates over the last several months.  You may have become victim to this upon seeing your renewal quotes.  However, what your company and agent may not tell you is that there are several companies which have also lowered their rates.

Whether your homeowners insurance premium has increased or remained about the same, you owe it to yourself to shop around to see if there are opportunities to keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket.  Insurance agents, like those who work at Boardwalk Insurance, will gladly prepare quotes for you to review at no charge with several companies.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

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Boardwalk Insurance Group is proud to announce our new appointment with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.  This new partnership helps us broaden our individual and group health insurance line of products.  BCBS has fantastic rates for small to medium sized businesses looking to provide group health policy options for their employees.  They also have low prices for individual health insurance plans.

So whether you are an individual looking to obtain affordable health insurance for you and your family or if you represent an employer looking for group health coverage for your employees, Boardwalk Insurance Group and BlueCross BlueShield of Texas have you covered.

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