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Insurance for Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples and Other Religious Institutions 3.50/5 (70.00%) 2 votes

Unfortunately, religious institutions are susceptible to an increasing number of risks resulting in monetary damages.  Having the right insurance policy in place can help protect your non-profit organization.
Here are the Coverages Your Organization Should Carry:
•    Commercial General Liability Insurance
•    Commercial Property Insurance (if the organization owns real property)
•    Directors and officers Liability Insurance
•    Employment Practices Liability Insurance
•    Special Events Liability Insurance
•    Special Religious Property Coverage which includes the unique exposures associated with religious facilities such as coverage for organs, pulpits, baptismal fonts, pews, stained glass, arks, tabernacles, etc.
•    Money & Securities with the ability to increase your limit on select days when offerings are larger
•    Members and Volunteers should be included automatically as additional insureds
•    Licensed Day Cares and Preschools included if necessary

Boardwalk Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency specializing in a variety of commercial insurance programs through its network of insurance companies and insurance brokers.  Their specialty package for religious institutions, in addition to what’s listed above, includes the following:

o    Money & Securities Coverage
o    Employee Dishonesty Coverage
o    Spoilage Coverage
o    Accounts Receivable Coverage
o    Valuable Papers Coverage
o    Sewer Back Up Coverage
o    Personal Effects Coverage
o    Clergy and Counseling Professional Liability
o    Hired and Non-Owned Auto
o    Employee Benefits Liability
o    Directors and Officers Liability
o    Employment Practices Liability
o    And many more…

This Program is Specifically Designed For:
•    Churches / Tenant Based Church
•    Mosques
•    Synagogues
•    Temples
•    Other Religious Institutions

Coverages Limits Generally Include:
•    General Liability – up to a $3,000,000 limit
•    Property (Buildings, Business Personal Property, Business Income, Equipment Breakdown)- up to $2,000,000 per location.
•    Sexual Molestation  – up to $200,000 Limit

Coverage is placed through A+ rated insurance companies and higher limits are available upon request.

Boardwalk Insurance Group services are 100% free of cost to you so why not submit an application today and find out for yourself?  Quotes can be obtained in as little as 48 hours in most cases.



Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

If you are a founder, director or board member of a non-profit organization, it’s important your organization carry insurance to protect the future of your organization as well it’s member-base/contributors and directors and officers.

Non-profit organizations generally require commercial general liability insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, employment practices liability insurance, commercial property insurance (if they own real property), umbrella coverage, special event liability insurance and liquor liability insurance.  Most will require all of the above, but some are able to pick and choose which coverages they need.

There is good news for you: Available to you are specialty insurance companies, insurance agents and insurance brokers who cater to non-profits.  Additionally, package products are available from insurance companies which provide these organizations with all the coverage they need and include many bells and whistles for additional protection.

Boardwalk Insurance Group is an agency with such a program through it’s various insurance companies and insurance broker relationships.

Types of non-profit organizations eligible include:
•    Chambers of Commerce
•    Foundations / Community Foundations
•    Trade Associations
•    Business Associations
•    Art/Culture Associations
•    Charitable Associations
•    Booster Clubs
•    Religious institutions
•    Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, etc.
•    Sunday schools
•    Educational facilities

A typical non profit organization insurance policy package policy includes:
•    Only a $500 Minimum Premium for General Liability and Property combined
•    No General Liability Deductible
•    General Liability coverage included for volunteers
•    Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage available in most states
•    Property is on Special form with Replacement Cost coverage
•    $5,000 of Business Personal Property coverage included
•    Equipment Breakdown coverage available
•    Options for adding: Employee Dishonesty, Money & Securities and many others
•    Separate Limits of Liability for Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability Claims
•    Unlimited Defense Costs outside the limit
•    Outside Directorship Liability coverage
•    Coverage for both Monetary and Non-Monetary Claims
•    Full Prior Acts coverage
•    Lifetime Occurrence Reporting Provision for former Directors and Officers
•    Free Human Resources Hotline with unlimited number of call and no time limits
•    No Intentional Acts Exclusion on Employment Practices Liability coverage
•    Automatically includes 3rd party discrimination and harassment
•    Policy can include three events with up to 100 attendees within the policy premium
•    Ability to include Liquor Liability in most states for events
•    Ability to consider events with up to 5,000 attendees

This independent insurance agency will take time to understand what your organization does and will custom-tailor an insurance policy which meets your needs, while exceeding your expectations.  The application process is simple and quotes can be obtained with 48 hours in most cases.


Inland Marine Insurance Products – What You Should Know About Them 4.00/5 (80.00%) 3 votes

What is inland marine insurance coverage?

We are asked this question often.  Inland marine insurance is usually a “line” of coverage added on to a policy or sometimes purchased as a stand-alone policy.  Generally speaking, it covers goods in transit or projects under construction.  Although it’s generally a type of property insurance, some classes within inland marine only provide liability coverage.  It is derived from marine insurance, which covers items, whether in transit or not, while on water.  Once it gets to land, that coverage ends and inland marine picks up from there.

Typically, the following types of businesses require some form of inland marine insurance coverage:
Ambulance Equipment
Amusement Rides
ATM Machines
Band Uniforms
Catering Equipment
Mobile Concession Stands
DJ Equipment
Exhibition Property
Go Karts
Golf Carts
Janitorial Equipment
Laundry Equipment
Medical Equipment
Mortician’s Equipment
Musical Instruments
Photography Equipment
Pool Cleaning Equipment
Radio or TV Studio Equipment
Recording Studio Equipment
Rock Climbing Wall
Scientific Instruments
Sports Equipment
Theater Property
Vending – Candy/Snacks
Vending – Stamps
Vending – Videos
Videographer Equipment

As you can see above, all of these businesses are moving on a regular basis.

If you are in need of a quote on a class of inland marine insurance, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency specializing in all types of commercial insurance products for consumers in 25 states.

Inland Marine Product Highlights:
•    Discounts if in business with no losses for a minimum of three years
•    Discounts if items are brought back to owners place of business each day
•    Discounts if the business has a central station alarm
•    Discounts if all items are fives years or newer in terms of age
•    $500,000 limit of insurance
•    Limit per individual piece of equipment varies by type
•    $2,500 maximum limit on blanketed equipment



Pet or Animal Related Business Insurance Coverage 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

If you own or operate a business which deals with pets or owners of pets, you need to carry a proper amount of insurance coverage to protect you, your family and your business from catastrophic physical and financial losses.  Typically, your business would need a commercial general liability insurance policy, commercial property insurance and some inland marine coverage.  More options are definitely available, but these are the basics.

Here are the coverages your insurance policy should include:
•    Physical damage coverage for the animals in your care, custody and control
•    Professional liability for your grooming operation
•    Medical Payment Expense for the animals in your care, custody and control
•    Inspection costs by insurance companies included in your premium
•    An adequate amount of coverage for your property, including building (if required) and contents
•    An adequate amount of inland marine coverage (your property while in transport)

Preferred Businesses Would Have:
•    No building coverage
•    No overnight kennel
•    Up to 30 animals per day maximum
•    Pet Care Services Association accreditation
•    Grooming operations
•    Retail sales operations
•    No more than two losses or claims per coverage part (excluding closed without payment) incurred in the past five years (liability), three years (property/inland marine)

Available Limits of Coverage:
•    Maximum property value of $3,000,000
•    Coastal Zones – Maximum property values up to $500,000 per location
•    Liability Limits up to $2,000,000

Ineligible Businesses:
•    Veterinarian services
•    Stables
•    Those accepting equine or commercial animals
•    Those who sell products under their own label
•    Those who provide training for hunting, security, show or agility
•    Those involved in pet adoption or pet rescue
•    Businesses with pending or prior bankruptcies
•    Those with existing tax liens
•    Businesses with 2 General Liability losses in the past 3 years and/or risks with 2 Property/Inland Marine losses in the past 3 years
•    Those who located Louisiana

If you are in search of insurance coverage for your pet-related business, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group today for your free quote.  We offer commercial general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, inland marine insurance floaters, umbrella policies, worker’s comp policies and much more.



Storage Tank Pollution Liability Insurance Quotes 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

If you or your business have either above ground and/or underground storage tanks on your property, you are required to carry a storage tank pollution liability insurance policy.

Luckily for you, insurance for the various types of storage tanks are pretty standard, making it easy for insurance agents to quote them.  Some insurance companies or insurance brokers even offer online quotes for agents to provide to their customers.  Although the coverages for storage tank pollution liability insurance may be cookie-cutter, the pricing (also known as premium) and deductibles most definitely are not.

Independent insurance agents are the best when it comes to storage tank pollution liability insurance products.  They have access to a variety of insurance companies and insurance brokers, allowing them to shop on behalf of the customer.  Boardwalk Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency specializing in commercial insurance products.  The agency has several locations and is licensed in over 25 states in the US.  Their process to quote storage tank liability insurance is simple and fast.  Turnaround time for most is less than 24 hours.

Here are some product highlights:
•    $350 minimum premium
•    Limits available from $500,000 to $5,000,000 per incident
•    Coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims resulting from pollution conditions from scheduled tanks
•    Provides coverage for corrective action due to releases from tanks
•    Policy/Certificate satisfies federal requirements for financial responsibility if needed
•    UST policies are issued with standard insurance companies
•    AST and AST/UST policies are issued with surplus lines insurance companies

Our Typical Client Profile
•    Commercial / Industrial Facilities
•    Schools, Colleges, Universities
•    Gas Stations
•    Retail Stores including Convenience / Grocery Stores
•    Auto Dealerships
•    Municipalities
•    Airports
•    Hospitals
•    Manufacturing Plants
•    Oil and Lube Shops
•    Mechanics Garages
•    Auto Body Shops

•    USTs installed prior to 1975 and coverage with capacities greater than 49,999 gallons are ineligible for quick quotes. However we do have other options that for these types of tanks.

If you require a quote on a storage tank liability insurance product, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by to assist you.


Having Trouble Finding Insurance For Your Unique or Seasonal Business? 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

Insurance companies like to make cookie-cutter offerings on their insurance products.  This allows them to know a specific type of risk well and therefore, better analyze the coverages, premiums and predictable losses on any given insured.

However, there are a variety of businesses or individuals who do not fit the norm, but still require an insurance policy.  We’ve all heard how some celebrities insure their body parts…this is a prime example of an insurance policy which is beyond normal and has to be custom tailored for an individual.

There are many other types of policies that most insurance companies won’t touch.  They include insurance for the following:

Fireworks Displays
Commercial property

Vehicle Related:
Used Car Dealers
Recreational Vehicles
Wrongful Repo
ATV tours and rentals
jet ski rentals and operations
Personal watercraft
Motorcycle dealers

Special Event Insurance:
Spectator liability
Liquor liability
Animal liability

Others Specialty Businesses:
Haunted houses
Pumpkin patches
Hay rides
Corn mazes
Zip lines
Trackless trains
and many more.

If you are having a hard time finding insurance because your agent cannot find an insurance company for you, it’s time you contact Boardwalk Insurance Group.


Various Errors and Omissions and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Products 4.33/5 (86.67%) 3 votes

Are you in search of a Professional Liability or E&O (errors and omissions) insurance policy for your organization?  Are you looking to purchase a D&O (directors and officers) liability insurance policy?

Through our various markets, we are now able to offer E&O or D&O for the following:

Non Profit Directors & Officers Liability
IT Consultants Errors & Omissions
Real Estate Agent Errors & Omissions
Community Association Package policies
Youth Sports
Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions
Medical Malpractice Insurance for Podiatric Physicians

All of these products are underwritten through carriers rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best.  Boardwalk Insurance Group has become a premier provider of management liability products for it’s customers.

For most of our professional liability products, we are able to quote online with our markets.  This assures a speedy quote after receiving a completed application from our clients.  Being an independent insurance agency, Boardwalk shops coverage through a variety of insurance companies and insurance brokers.  This assures that our clients get the best deal not only in price, but also in terms of coverages.

· · · · ·

Commercial General Liability Insurance for All Types of Contractors 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Whether you are a general contractor, a sub contractor or something in between, you need to maintain a proper commercial insurance policy at all times.  The cost of your insurance coverage is dependent on several factors, but most importantly, your projected annual gross receipts.  In terms of insurance, this makes sense because the more money your business makes, the higher the chances of a loss.

At Boardwalk Insurance Group, we offer commercial general liability insurance for all types of contractors.  We also have specialty programs for contractors who are in the following types of businesses:

•    General Contractors
•    Plumbing
•    Roofing
•    Air Conditioning / Heating
•    Artisan Contractors
•    Carpentry
•    Electrical Wiring
•    Masonry
•    Door Installation
•    Painting / Paperhanging
•    Concrete / Cement Driveways & Curbs
•    Parking Lot Striping
•    Carpet / Tile / Marble Installation
•    Debris Removal
•    Drywall
•    Excavation
•    Grading of Land
•    Insulation Work
•    Plastering & Stucco
•    Siding Installation
•    Street Paving
•    Telephone Line Construction

Specialty programs designed for specific types of contractors allow you to save money while providing you with better coverages and more bells and whistles included within your policy.

When you work with a commercial insurance broker like Boardwalk Insurance Group, you can count on getting the best deal for all your insurance needs because we work with a network of insurance companies.  This allows us to shop on your behalf and provide you with several options, not just one “take it or leave it” quote.

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