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When you run a business, there are a million things to think about every day, and commercial insurance liability probably is not at the top of your list. By selecting an effective commercial auto insurance agent, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best advice available regarding coverage for your business. Keep reading to find out more about commercial auto and liability insurance and the types of coverage available for your large or small business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial auto insurance agent can help you decide the best insurance coverage for your business vehicles. This type of coverage should cover your entire business fleet, including delivery trucks, snow plows, buses, and any other vehicle used for business purposes.

Similar to personal auto insurance, commercial auto policies should include bodily injury liability, property damage, collision, and comprehensive coverage. This is a great tool to protect your business against claims for medical payments, personal injury claims made against the business, or uninsured motorists that cause an accident involved a company vehicle.

Don’t rely on good luck. Instead, ensure your business has effective auto insurance to guard against financial disaster. Your commercial auto insurance agent can answer any questions you have regarding available coverage.

Commercial Insurance Liability

Commercial insurance liability protects you from bodily injury and property damage claims for incidents that occur at your business. Additional coverage options that may be suitable for some businesses include personal and advertising injury. Operations coverage pays for any bodily injury or property damage that takes place at your business. Products insurance, or completed operations insurance, covers claims for any bodily injury or property damage caused by your products.

In some cases, your business may require additional liability insurance or an umbrella policy to cover the difference between your insurance limit and the value of the insured assets.

Liability insurance is something that seems unnecessary and frivolous to some business owners. In order to avoid being over or under-protected, work with an experienced agent to determine what policies will cover your business without breaking the bank.

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