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As an owner of an auto service facility your shop is equipped with the necessary tools and your employees are skilled to perform auto repair tasks; however is your facility properly insured? Let’s face it, no matter how careful you and your employees are accidents do happen. If a customer’s vehicle becomes damaged while in your garage, you are held accountable. Protect your auto repair garage with garage keeper insurance. In order to obtain garage keeper insurance you need to consult with a reputable insurance agency such as Boardwalk Insurance Group.

Consult with an Insurance Agent

When consulting with an insurance agent about your specific insurance needs it’s important to relay what type of insurance you need for your business. This helps the agent better understand your requirements and they are able to offer the best insurance policy to fit your budget and your exact desires. Garage keeper insurance is a form of protection that comes from a diverse angle than other policies. The objective of this coverage is to offer protection against damages that are caused to a customer’s automobile while in your possession. A few examples of the protection you have with garage keeper insurance includes if a customer’s vehicle is stolen while on your property or a customer’s automobile becomes damaged by a fire you have stored in your garage shop. Therefore, to ensure that your business is fully protected it is mandatory to have garage keeper insurance so that your customer’s vehicles are protected if it becomes damaged while in your care.

Have Adequate Protection to Cover Customer Vehicles

Trying to find a reasonable policy on your own to cover your business can be time consuming and frustrating as well as confusing. However, when you turn to an insurance agency for assistance their agents can find you the best policy at an affordable cost. An agent will make certain that you have adequate protection to cover your customer’s vehicles when they are on your property. When it comes to your insurance needs you are an agent’s top priority and you will receive competitive rates, exceptional service and flexible terms. You will find that doing business with them is easy and convenient. For more information or to get a quote about garage keeper insurance for your auto repair shop, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group today by visiting their website.

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