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Insurance is designed to reduce most of the financial liability or loss of property resulting from unforeseen events.  Auto insurance is no different, shielding automobile owners from the risk of financial harm or loss resulting from a vehicular collision or other vehicular damage.  While the type of auto insurance can vary based on the purpose of the vehicle, most auto insurance policies fall under personal or commercial auto insurance.

Auto insurance in some form is required in every state where Boardwalk Insurance is licensed to create insurance policies except for Virginia, where a $500 annual fee is required if liability insurance is not purchased.  Other states require by law some form of auto liability insurance to cover injury or property damage caused.  However, the minimum insurance rarely covers damages to the person at fault, so choosing the right auto insurance policy is very important.

Full coverage auto insurance covers both the operator and the other parties involved in a collision and includes collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and liability insurance.  Collision insurance will cover repair costs of a vehicle or the cash value of the vehicle if it is totaled.  Comprehensive insurance covers vehicles in situations other than collisions, such as fire, damage from theft, vandalism, or other damage.  Boardwalk Insurance comprehensive auto insurance policies will also cover “Acts of God” beyond human control, such as floods, tornadoes, or other similar events.

To cover business property and absorb the financial risk from damage, commercial insurance policies are available from the Boardwalk Insurance Group.  To cover work vehicles, commercial auto insurance policies can be created.  For most vehicles, commercial auto insurance is not needed, however a vehicle owned by the business and used for more business than personal use, a policy can be advantageous.  Generally, employees using work vehicles are less likely to treat them as their own, and work vehicles are more likely to be put under more stress and in more hazardous situations, so commercial auto insurance could be a very helpful solution, especially in heavier industries.

Insurance is meant to protect people from the unexpected, and auto insurance is required nearly everywhere to do so.  Finding the best policy to suit your needs can be a daunting task as well, given the many options in both type of coverage and cost of coverage.  Boardwalk Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency that is affiliated with 23 well known and respected insurance carriers.  The independent insurance agents will take the time to learn your requirements and craft an auto insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

As independent insurance agents and brokers, Boardwalk Insurance Group serves their customers first. To do this, Boardwalk represents a full line of quality and competitive insurance companies to meet its customers’ specific needs at great prices. Using their state-of-the-art, “on-line” computer rating system, they can make instant rate comparisons of the finest insurance companies to find the best value for their customers.