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Liquor Liability Insurance 4.25/5 (85.00%) 4 votes

Liquor and alcohol comes in many shapes and sizes.  The effects it can have on people can be equally as varied.  For businesses that sell liquor and alcohol, liquor liability insurance is just as important as having a license to sell liquor.

Liquor liability insurance protects businesses that sell liquor from liability claims against them as a result of the actions of inebriated patrons.  If a drunk person leaves the bar, liquor liability insurance protects the business that provided the liquor from any damages the drunk person may cause.  Since damage caused by people under the influence, including the possibility of death, can be very significant, businesses that serve alcohol could be required to cover very expensive damages if they do not hold liquor liability insurance.

Monoline & Package Liquor Program

Targeted Classes Include:

  • Alcohol Manufacturers
  • B&B’s
  • Banquet Halls
  • Bars/Taverns
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Casinos
  • Caterers
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Concession Stands
  • Convenience Stores/Mini Marts
  • Country Clubs/Golf Courses with Club Houses/Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotel/Motels/Inns
  • Karaoke/Hostess Bars
  • Lodges
  • Nightclubs
  • Package Liquor Stores
  • Private/Social/Fraternal Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Special Events
  • Wineries
  • Wholesale Distributors

Coverages Available (Monoline or Package):

  • Casualty
  • Liquor Liability
  • Property
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto


  • Minimum Premium: $500
  • Startups Can Be Considered
  • Assault & Battery Coverage Can Be Included with Optional “Silent” A&B

Liquor liability insurance can financially save a business that distributes liquor and other alcohol if alcohol sold at that establishment was determined to play a role in any damages.  To find the best liquor liability insurance, an independent insurance agent, such as a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group, can do the work of shopping around to find the best liquor liability insurance available.  With 23 affiliated insurance providers and licensed to write policies in over half the United States, Boardwalk Insurance Group has the ability to take the time to understand your needs and create the most appropriate policy for you.

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Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance, Dealers Open Lot and Physical Damage 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

Garage liability insurance protects auto repair facilities, their employees, and customers while the shop is open for business.  However, for vehicles that stay overnight, there is a different type of insurance that is needed.  Garage keepers insurance protects vehicles that must stay overnight at auto shops.

In addition to garage keepers insurance, dealers open lot insurance protects vehicles on the lot at car dealerships from many different perils.  Both garage keepers insurance and dealers open lot insurance are very important insurance policies to hold, since the value of the vehicles can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more.

This garage keepers insurance and dealers open lot insurance can provide crucial coverage

  • Limits up to $5,000,000 in house
  • Many classes available:

-          Auto Repair

-          Dealers

-          Self or Valet Parking

-          Condo Associations

If you do not see your business class on this list, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group to see if your profession can be covered.

Garage keepers insurance and dealers open lot insurance provides important protection from the cost of repairing vehicles damaged on a covered property.  To find the best garage keepers insurance or dealers open lot insurance, an independent insurance agent, such as a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group, can do the work of shopping around to find the best garage keepers insurance and dealers open lot insurance available.

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Garage Liability Insurance in Many States 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Auto shops are great at repairing and maintaining vehicles, whether there is structural damage or a simple oil change is needed.  Sometimes the work done can be dangerous, especially when employees and customers are not careful.  Garage liability insurance protects auto shops from potential liabilities that employees and customers may claim against them.

Our garage liability insurance can help you place coverage for dealers involved in selling and services of autos, service operations engaged in repairing, towing, servicing, salvaging, and valet parking of autos.  Garage liability insurance is very important for auto shops, or any business that has an auto shop, including some department stores, gas stations, and auto dealerships.

We can provide coverage for:

  • Garage Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Dealers Physical Damage
  • Auto Physical Damage for scheduled service units
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability
  • Packages are also available!

Unique classes of business we can consider include:

  • Antique/Classic Auto dealers
  • Auctions
  • Bus sales and Service
  • Car Wash-Full Service
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Motorcycle Service
  • Oil and Lube Shops
  • Salvage Yards
  • Truck Tractor Sales and Service
  • Valet Parking Services

If you do not see your business class on this list, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group to see if your profession can be covered.

Garage liability insurance is protect auto shops from many different liability claims that could be brought against them, whether they are from employees or customers.  To find the best garage liability insurance, an independent insurance agent, such as a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group, can do the work of shopping around to find the best garage liability insurance available.

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Professional Liability Insurance for IT Consultants 4.75/5 (95.00%) 4 votes

Being a part of the information and technology industry can be very rewarding.  It gives people the chance to work with constantly changing, cutting edge technology as soon as it becomes available.  As technology gets more and more complex, simple mistakes can unfortunately have profound effects.

Professional liability insurance gives IT consultants valuable protection from any damage claims of poor advice may cause.  When IT consultants are working on websites or software, a simple keystroke out of place in a line of code can throw the entire program off.  Professional liability insurance can protect the IT consultant from any loss claims by their client stemming from this faulty programming.  Professional liability insurance can also be called errors and omissions insurance, named since errors and omissions are common sources of claimed damages.

Business Types Covered:

  • Website Design
  • Software Development
  • Database Administration
  • Web Hosting
  • Software/ Hardware Sales
  • Graphic Design
  • Telecommunications

Our MicroTek Pak Product Targets:

  • IT Consultants with up to $500,000 in revenue
  • Up to 3 Professionals

Minimum premiums start as low as $995.

Our SuperTek Pak Product Targets:

  • IT Consultants with up to $15,000,000 in annual sales

Policy Highlights:

  • Defense Outside the limits of liability
  • Broad Form endorsement includes coverage for:
  • Personal Injury
  • Failure to Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Malicious Code
  • Intellectual Property

Professional liability insurance protects individuals and businesses from simple, but potentially powerful, mistakes they make.  To find the best professional liability insurance, an independent insurance agent, such as a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group, can do the work of shopping around to find the best professional liability insurance available.  With 23 affiliated insurance providers and licensed to write policies in over half the United States, Boardwalk Insurance Group has the ability to take the time to understand your needs and create the most appropriate policy for you.

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Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Small businesses are important parts of any economy.  They have the flexibility and the service to meet changing demands and the ability to go the extra mile like big box stores do not.  Specialized commercial insurance for small businesses has the same flexibility and adaptability that small businesses give to their own customers.

Commercial insurance for small businesses gives small businesses the protection they need without many of the features needed only by small businesses.  Commercial insurance for small businesses is a big business insurance policy in a small package.

Businesses Covered:

  • BOP & Small Business
  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Umrella / Excess Liability
  • Builders Risk
  • Property & Inland Marine
  • Work Comp
  • Farm & Ag
  • Bonds
  • And Many More

If you do not see your type of business listed, call to see if commercial insurance for small businesses can be written for your business.


Commercial insurance for small businesses provides important protection for important businesses at a more affordable price.  To find the best commercial insurance for small businesses, an independent insurance agent, such as a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group, can do the work of shopping around to find the best commercial insurance for small businesses available.

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Mobile Home Park Insurance 4.33/5 (86.67%) 3 votes

Owners of mobile home parks lease land to mobile home owners so that they can hook up their home and have somewhere to stay.  Like many other owners of property with tenants, they need insurance to protect them from any property damage or financial liability.

Mobile home park insurance gives property owners an essential level of protection.  Mobile home park insurance includes both property and liability protection from many different perils and situations.

Coverage Features:

  • No liability deductible
  • Assault or Battery coverage is provided at full limits for most accounts
  • Blanket Additional Insured coverage provided for no additional charge
  • No Animal Exclusion used unless prior animal loss history
  • Expanded definition of bodily injury to include sickness or disease caused by mental anguish or emotional distress
  • Full coverage provided for Mobile Home Parks with swimming pools, playgrounds or sport courts
  • Hostile Fire Exception to Pollution Exclusion

Liability Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage via an ISO Commercial General Liability coverage form
  • Liability limits available up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000
  • Additional limits up to $5,000,000 available through our Commercial Umbrella and Excess General Liability products
  • No Liability deductible
  • Blanket Additional Insured coverage provided for no additional charge
  • Coverage for owned units leased to tenants
  • Expanded definition of Bodily Injury to include Sickness or Disease caused by Mental Anguish or Emotional Distress
  • Pollution Exclusion to include Hostile Fire exception

Credits available when:

  • No owned mobile homes rented to tenants
  • No dogs permitted on premises and stipulated within lease agreement
  • Community property owner or manager lives on premises
  • Criminal background checks performed on all potential residents
  • No swimming pool or playground on premises

Property Features:

  • Value Plus-property enhancement endorsement providing 15 optional coverages
  • Equipment Breakdown – Includes free boiler inspection if required in your jurisdiction
  • Special cause of loss and replacement cost coverage is available
  • Older buildings are acceptable with a Functional Building Valuation Endorsement
  • Property Limits up to $1,500,000 available
  • All permanent structures (non-mobile home) can be schedule to policy

Why do you need to purchase a mobile home park product?

  • A tenant’s dog bites a neighboring tenant causing bodily injury
  • Injured claimant alleges park rules and guidelines regarding dogs were not enforced or regulated
  • A guest to the premises falls and sustains a fractured hip

Mobile home park insurance is an essential form of protection that is important to preserve the property owner’s business.

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Garage Liability, Garage Keepers and Dealers Open Lot Insurance Programs 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Auto shops and car dealerships generally have a lot of vehicles on their property.  The vehicles stored there, whether awaiting purchase or repair, are under the protection of the owner of the property.  If damaged or destroyed, the financial responsibility is frequently assigned to the property owner.

Garage liability insurance protects an auto repair business from any damages that occur when the business is open.  Garage liability insurance protects from liability claims made by employees and customers.  Garage keepers insurance protects from damages that occur while the auto shop is closed and protects customers’ vehicles being stored on the property.  Dealers open lot insurance is an insurance policy for auto dealerships, protecting the dealership from the cost of damage to vehicles on the lot.

Target classes

  • New & Used Auto Dealers
  • RV Dealers & Repair
  • Motorcycle Dealers & Repair
  • Gas Stations with Auto Repair & Convenience Stores
  • Auto Body & Paint Shops
  • Auto Stereo & Alarm Installers
  • Full Service Car Washes
  • Harley Davidson Sales & Service
  • Auto Detailers
  • Tire Sales & Installation
  • Trailer Dealers
  • Wholesaler Auto Dealers & Brokers
  • Valet Parking
  • Heavy Truck Dealers & Repair
  • Impound Yards
  • Public Livery Repair
  • Antique Auto Dealers, Repair & Restoration
  • Auto Alarm/Stereo Installation
  • Auto Maintenance & Repair
  • Boat Dealers
  • Boat Repair
  • Golf Cart Dealers & Repair
  • Mobile Auto Repair Service
  • Trailer Hitch Installation & Repair
  • Valet Parking
  • Wrecker Service – for hire including auto for wreckers

Coverages Offered:

  • Garage Liablity Limits up to 1 million
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage up to 1 million
  • Garagekeepers Limit up to 1 million
  • Legal Liability, Direct Excess and Direct Primary Coverage options
  • Garagekeepers In-Tow Limit up to $50,000
  • Dealers Open Lot Coverage
  • Additional Insured’s and Waiver of Subrogation Endorsements available
  • Broadened Coverage
  • Drive Away Radius Extension – unlimited radius
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Hired Auto Coverage
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury
  • Dealers Errors & Omissions
  • Scheduled Auto
  • Package with Property & GL Exposures Available
  • Umbrella or Excess



  • Coverage under the Garage Program is available for the installation or repair of airbags.


  • A zero Liability deductible option is available.


  • Available for some classes.

Garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance are usually paired to provide comprehensive protection to auto repair facilities, and dealer open lot insurance is the best way to protect vehicles at an auto dealership.


Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Professional liability insurance protects professionals where a small error in their work could have disastrous financial results for their client.  Professionals who give out advice or handle paperwork are the most prominent holders of professional liability insurance, however many professions can use professional liability insurance to protect themselves from the cost of error related damages.

Professional liability insurance is important for many professionals, since it protects them from the financial damages related to an error in their work.  Professional liability insurance can cover a wide variety of professions where precision can be very important, and lack of precision can be very costly.

Here is a small selection of risks considered:

  • Architects/Engineers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Animal Grooming Services
  • Auctioneers
  • Billing Services
  • Car Title / Tag Services
  • Caterers
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Collection Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Credit Investigations
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Employment Agencies
  • Event Planners
  • Expert Witness
  • Funeral Directors
  • Hotel Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Tax Preparers
  • Temp Services
  • Trainers
  • Travel Agents
  • Administrative / Office Services
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Answering Services
  • Bookkeepers
  • Career Counseling / Researchers
  • Claim Administration
  • Composers / Lyricists
  • Court Reporters
  • Data Processors
  • Ergonomic Consultants
  • Forensic Analysts
  • Graphic Designers
  • Home Inspectors
  • HR Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Media/Publishing
  • Marketing Firms
  • Medical Billers / Coders
  • Mortgage Field Services
  • Photo Services
  • Property Managers
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Translators

If you do not see what you need on this list, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group to see if your profession can be covered.

Professional liability insurance is important since small errors in their work can lead to costly financial losses.


Commercial General Liability Insurance for Oil and Gas Service Businesses 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

The commercial oil and gas industry can come with high risk but has extremely high rewards.  Businesses involved in the oil and gas industries need protection for their employees, including commercial general liability insurance.

Commercial general liability insurance provides an invaluable level of protection for businesses involved in the oil and gas industries.  This commercial general liability insurance covers a variety of businesses related to the oil and gas industries, including lease operators, perforation services, and equipment on site.

Coverages offered

General liability

  • Oil and gas businesses to which this applies
    • Oil and gas leas operators and non-operators
    • Perforation services
    • Leasing or renting of down hole tools or lease site equipment
    • All oil and gas related contractors, both over the hole and not over the hole

Excess Liability

  • Limits available up to $5,000,000

Hired and non-owned auto

Coverage Highlights

  • Sudden and accidental; time element pollution (30/90), including voluntary 1st party cleanup costs
  • Underground resources and equipment
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation
  • Blanket additional insured/primary and non-contributory
  • Ability to write new ventures

States Approved:

  • AK, AL, AR, CO, IL, ID, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, ND, OH, OK, TX, UT, WV, WY, (CA and NM coming soon)

Minimum Premiums

  • $2,000 – contractors – NOT over the hole (excluding pollution, underground resources, blowout, cratering and explosion, and underground equipment)
  • $2,500 – Contractors – NOT over the hole (broad form)
  • $3,500 – Lease operators/non-operators (broad form)
  • $5,000 – Contractors – over the hole (broad form)

Submission Requirements

  • Appropriate ACORD applications
  • 3 years currently valued loss runs, for each line submitted
  • Appropriate supplemental applications (operator, contractor, pipeline)
  • Well schedule (operators/non-operators)
  • Expiring and target premiums
  • Need-by Date

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Where to Find Cheap and Fast Commercial Insurance Quotes for Small Businesses and Owners 4.33/5 (86.67%) 3 votes

Small businesses are a very important part of the economy.  However, they face tough competition from large, name brand stores and frequently have to find unique ways to cut costs to lower their overhead and compete in a tough marketplace.  These small business insurance packages can help save money and protect the business.

Small business insurance takes big business policies and makes them more appropriate for the smaller settings that small businesses operate.  The coverage and limits of big business policies are generally not needed and small businesses do not want them.  This small business insurance package is perfect for many types of businesses.

Business types covered:

  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Beverage Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Taverns
  • Clubs
  • Adult entertainment
  • Child care facilities
  • Janitorial contractors
  • Apartments
  • Rental dwellings
  • Homeowner associations
  • Condo associations

If you do not see your type of business here, contact Boardwalk Insurance to see if this policy can be adapted for your business


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