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CAT | Commercial General Liability Insurance

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A liability claim can threaten even the most successful small business. If you run a business, the sight of active customer traffic can be a pleasant one, but if a customer falls down and sustains a serious injury, it could cost your business a significant amount of money. Therefore, it is essential that all business owners have commercial liability insurance.

What Does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

There are different types of liability insurance. Commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and damage to property that occurs while on the premises. The damage or injury can be caused by business operations or items on the premises, including products. Although general commercial liability insurance can cover many of the accidents and events that can lead to an expensive lawsuit, business owners may want to get coverage for specific items that are not covered in the general plan.

Pay Attention to Details

It is important to be aware of the details in a commercial liability insurance plan. For instance, a regular plan may cover injury or damage caused by the company’s products on the premises, but this may not cover products that have been recalled. In many cases, coverage only applies to events that occur during regular business hours and not on weekends or times when the building is closed. The coverage may also not extend to liability issues resulting from products used at home and may be confined to problems caused by products on the company’s premises.

Do You Need Additional Commercial Liability Coverage?

A general commercial liability insurance plan will cover most events that can occur on the business premises during working hours, but many business owners feel they need additional coverage. Large companies with many employees may opt for liability insurance that will cover them if there are claims of unfair dismissal or workplace harassment. Businesses with complex financial operations may need insurance to provide coverage for errors in financial reporting. In addition, defective products are a worry of many business owners, and special coverage is required if the company produces items on a massive scale.

Choosing the Right Insurance

Every business owner needs liability insurance. The question is how much. A general plan will cover your company and its premises during regular working hours, but you may need extra coverage for your merchandise, events that can happen in the warehouse and other variables. Talk to an expert at Boardwalk insurance about business liability insurance plans. Browse our website and feel free to contact our representatives to answer your questions.

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Unexpected Costs of Driving 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Driving an automobile can be expensive, and not just because of gas prices. Commercial liability insurance is just one of the likely expenses, and there are various other items on the list. Many think that they can avoid these expenditures through sheer skill, but the truth is that the expenses can present a problem to anyone, regardless of their driving habits.

Accidents Where Somebody Else Is at Fault

There are various scenarios where an accident is somebody else’s fault, yet the innocent party still has to cover some, if not all of their costs. If the other party can successfully argue that they weren’t at fault, the innocent driver could have the best exotic car insurance and still end up paying for the consequences, often quite literally. The guilty party driving away without leaving any contact information or clue to their whereabouts is another quite common scenario, which unfortunately often leaves the law-abiding party without any real options.


When someone depends on their vehicle to make a living, the car will inevitably take a beating. That also leads to other problems, and depending on the business auto insurance is not always an option. They could find themselves without a car for days, which could endanger their livelihood. When someone’s living depends on the fact that they have a car or not, renting one becomes an absolute necessity. Because of these reasons, finding an insurance agency in Houston that’s willing to add a rental cause to their insurance coverage might be an idea worth considering.

Luxury Electronics Repairs

Any half-decent exotic car insurance covers this, but today’s automobiles often come with highly sophisticated, state of the art techs even at the lower price ranges. GPS devices and camera systems are becoming common, and any repair or replacement process can potentially cost a fortune.

State Fees

Finding a quality insurance agent in Texas can keep someone from paying a few of these expanses, but state fees may still apply. These fees usually fall between $200 and $600, more often closer to the latter. The good news is that the fee is often paid with the car purchase.

High Deductibles

Financial professionals usually advise those who are looking for an exotic car warranty to choose high deductibles. That way they can keep the rates down, but on the other hand, any potential accident could end up costing them a lot. A lower deductable is better for those who are willing to shell out significant money each month, provided that they get a highly diverse insurance coverage without any weaknesses.

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How to Lower Your Small Business Insurance Costs By Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency In Texas 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Whether you’re shopping for commercial liability insurance, garage keepers insurance, or some other type of insurance for your small business, sifting through all your options to find the policy that offers you the most coverage at the best price can be stressful. That’s where an independent insurance agency in Houston can make things easier for you. Independent insurance providers can not only relieve you from the stress and the pitfalls of the hunt for insurance, but also lower your insurance costs.

Independent Insurance Agency

Choose An Independent Insurance Agency In Texas That Understands Your Industry

Independent insurance agents often specialize in finding insurance solutions for specific industries. They can draw on their experience in that industry to understand the needs of your business and how much coverage you actually need. If you have little to no experience with insurance policies, navigating your way through the labyrinth of clauses and requirements can be an onerous task.

Get Quotes From Multiple Carriers

Whether you’re shopping for a basic business auto insurance or a comprehensive garage liability insurance, the best way to find an affordable policy that provides excellent coverage is to get quotes from as many carriers as possible. An independent insurance agency in Texas can do just that.

Established independent agencies work with many different specialized carriers. At Boardwalk Insurance, we partner with over 24 carriers to find the best policy for you. Also, we use the latest insurance comparison software to find the optimal balance between cost and value.

Make Sure You Don’t Buy More Coverage Than You Actually Need

When shopping for business insurance on your own, it can be easy to err on the side of caution, especially if you’re dealing directly with insurance companies, which naturally want you to get as much coverage as you can pay for. Unlike big companies, many small businesses tend to be exposed to fewer risks, and this can mean cheaper insurance policies. But assessing these risks requires experience, both in the industry and in the insurance business, and an independent insurance agent can again help here.

Save Money By Saving Time

The hunt for an insurance policy, the endless comparisons, quotes, and inquiries, the paperwork and, later on, the legal conundrums that misunderstood clauses or delayed claims can give rise to can become a time sink if you don’t have an insurance expert in your team. Dealing with all of these will take up precious time that you could otherwise invest in your business. By teaming up with an independent insurance agency in Houston such as Boardwalk Insurance you can avoid all these inconveniences.

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Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agency In 2016 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

Whether you’re shopping for commercial liability insurance, exotic car insurance, garage liability insurance, or any other type of insurance policy in Houston, you have to choose between “captive” agencies and independent agencies. While captive agencies represent just one insurance provider, independent agencies represent several. Choosing an independent insurance agency in Houston has a number of benefits which can have a major impact on your decision.

More coverage options and price points

Because an independent insurance agency in Houston partners with several different insurance companies, they are able to compare different options in order to find for you the insurance policy that provides the best coverage at the best price. This can be especially important when it comes to more specialized policies such as exotic car insurance or garage keepers insurance, which not all insurance companies offer.

One application spares you the trouble of multiple applications

When working with different captive agencies or agents, you have to send a separate quote application to each of them. With an independent agency, on the other hand, one application is enough for you to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. This speeds up the search for the right insurance policy for your needs.

A personal adviser guides your decision

Any well-established insurance agency in Texas will offer you your own personal adviser, who can use his or her experience and insight into the insurance world to help you determine how much coverage you actually need and how much you can afford to pay on insurance every year. What’s more, a personal adviser can answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance policy, explaining for example the differences between an exotic car insurance and an exotic car warranty or between a garage liability insurance and a garage keepers insurance.

Complete coverage for all your insurance needs

Because an independent insurance agency in Houston brings together different kinds of insurance options from multiple providers, it can offer you a complete solution to all your insurance needs. If alongside your auto or home insurance you also need business auto insurance or business liability insurance, you may be able to get them all in one place, and sometimes at a discount, too. Shopping for insurance can be a time-consuming, even stressful process, but an independent insurance agency can make it less of a hassle by managing your insurance policies for you.

Last but not least, an independent insurance agency in Houston can offer you more flexibility than a captive agency, not only during the insurance buying process, but also after you sign the papers. If you want to change your insurance later on, an independent insurance agency provides you with far more options. To discover all the benefits of using an independent insurance agency, call now Boardwalk Insurance toll free at 1.866.595.4077 or by using this contact form.

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Why Commercial Liability Insurance 4.67/5 (93.33%) 3 votes

In today’s business world, commercial liability insurance is one of the most vital and substantial must-haves that a business owner can obtain. Commercial liability insurance is the most basic type of business policy designed for the most common claims.

General liability insurance is the first step to starting your business and also the most important coating of protection for claims. Liability insurance is intended to protect a company’s assets and pays for any obligations needed. Liability insurance covers legal costs if for any reason should you be sued. A business could be sued for a countless number of reasons including negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, defective products, advertising mistakes, etc. Without liability insurance to protect your business and your personal assets, lawsuits against your business can without a doubt shut down your complete domain if the awards are high. This will help save your company from paying out vast cash settlements or damages and regularly is vital in preventing a business from going bankrupt.

Commercial general liability policies cover the cost to settle or defend claims even if the claims are counterfeit. It is crucial that a business owner cares for their assets and protects them from potential risks, which is why commercial liability insurance is so highly recommended. Commercial general liability normally covers six categories including bodily injury, losses after your business has completed work for a customer, personal injury, advertising injury, independent contractor’s liability and medical payments.

A company’s liability policy does not terminate or expire even after a business is no longer in operation. Believe it or not, it could last a number of years after it closes. Preceding business owners and professionals have the option to purchase “run-off” coverage, which offers the same security and protection for a certain period of time after the business has shut down. Such policies can also cover occurrences that are caused by employees and/or staff involved with the business on the policy owner’s behalf. Depending on what is being insured, liability can differ greatly from being exceptionally costly and tough to insure where risk is more prominent, to comparatively low-cost and simple to cover low risk circumstances.

Having commercial liability insurance or business insurance protects your business when faced with claims. Everybody will make mistakes, errors and unintended accidents in your business that could lead to damages that could be physical, economical, or psychological. Anyone who comes in contact with you or your business can file a claim against you for numerous reasons. Always at your advantage, if your company is negligent for whatever reason, your business can keep its possessions if you are effectively insured. Always make sure to gather different general liability insurance quotes from as many companies as possible to get the most competitive rate. If you are not entirely content with an insurance quote, keep searching until you come across the plan that’s right for your business needs.

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What is Garage Liability Insurance/Garagekeeper’s Insurance? 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Businesses in the auto field all need insurance policies to prevent any legal, financial, or medical issues. Whether it’s a tire shop or an auto repair store, buying garage keeper liability insurance and/or garagekeeper’s insurance policies can make a huge difference in the longevity of the company.
•    Basic Garage Liability Insurance Coverage- Basic garage liability insurance generally covers medical injuries sustained/company owned property damage within the confines of the shop. This includes slip and fall incidents or tool malfunctions and coverage extends until the policy’s coverage ceiling.

•    Additional Coverage Options- Outside of typical coverage options, garage liability insurance can cover auxiliary issues like implications from faulty machinery, faulty products and off-site company vehicles. Naturally, these issues are only covered if the coverage limit matches with the total damages.

•    Garagekeeper’s Insurance- What many don’t know is that garage liability insurance won’t cover all types of damages that occur within the confines of the shop. Without garagekeeper’s insurance, the company would have to pay out of pocket for any damages to individually owned cars while in the shop. Whether it is a fire or damage from maintenance, garagekeeper’s insurance is an absolute necessity to purchase in conjunction with garage liability insurance.

•    Pricing- Pricing is ambiguous from company to company. Usually, insurance firms will use a series of metrics to evaluate premiums- driving records, past incidents, coverage options, business type and security. Most good insurance companies will offer a variety of services and options to suit your needs. For example, an auto shop would need to purchase garage liability insurance with some additional options plus garagekeeper’s insurance in order to cover all possible harms.

The Boardwalk Insurance Group has built a reputation on its knowledge, happy consumer base and vast experience. If you are in the market for a quality insurance company, look no further than Boardwalk.

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Boardwalk’s Hotel Insurance Provides Valuable Protection 4.33/5 (86.67%) 12 votes

Hotels and motels are an integral part of the service industry, providing a comfortable, safe place to rest while on vacation.  To protect the hotel from the cost of covering any damages from liabilities or hazards, hotel insurance is a must.  Hotel insurance can offer protection in a wide variety of situations, but what sets it apart from more generic business insurance policies is hotel insurance is customized for the hotel industry.

Hotel insurance is made up of two main components, property hotel insurance and liability hotel insurance.  Both the property and liability coverage can then be broken down into what it specifically covers.  The property coverage of hotel insurance protects both hotel property and the property of the guests staying there.  In the event of damage to the property, business income coverage in hotel insurance protects from loss of business.  In a hotel where damage to one room can quickly affect many, this aspect of hotel insurance is surprisingly important.  Other property related hotel insurance coverage protects from theft by employees and equipment failure, such as computers and other important appliances related to operating your hotel.

In the service industry, liability coverage is just as important, if not more important, since guests and employees who feel they have been put down can easily file a lawsuit, whether substantiated or not.  Even bogus claims can cost thousands of dollars do defend the good name of the business. Hotel insurance protects from the costs of both guest and employee liability claims.  A guest that slips and falls on a spill in the breakfast area can be a costly customer if hotel insurance is not around to cover the cost of legal expenses and other damages possibly awarded.  Hotel insurance even covers liability claims by employees if they get hurt on the job or file a civil claim for discrimination.

Something else to think about for hotel owners is that franchised properties may require umbrella insurance in addition to standard hotel insurance.  Umbrella insurance is just another layer of financial protection.  It covers above and beyond when the premiums of the hotel insurance are reached by the cost of the damages.  Umbrella insurance is a great second line of defense, especially for larger hotels where paying for a higher premium on a standard hotel insurance policy might be cost prohibitive.

Insurance is an important line of defense for many costly situations facing businesses daily.  For hotels, customized hotel insurance has the potential to preserve the property in the face of seemingly irreparable damage or a strong liability suit.


Garage Liability Insurance Protects Customers and Employees 3.43/5 (68.57%) 7 votes

There are many auto repair shops, ranging from small local businesses to large franchise shops to dealership service facilities.  There are many tools and chemicals presenting potentially grave liabilities should something go wrong.  To protect the business, garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance can be taken out for the business.

Garage liability insurance is a business insurance that strictly covers liability for the property and the work done there.  Typically, garage liability insurance is also paired with garage keepers insurance, which covers the property of customers at the garage.  Both garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance are very important for auto repair shops, because even the smallest mishap on the property can have potentially devastating repercussions.

Garage liability insurance protects the business from any potential liabilities on the property.  Whether the liability comes from an employee’s actions or a disgruntled customer, garage liability insurance protects the auto repair shop from the costs of the damages.  With all the tools and chemicals, garage liability insurance is a must.  Oil can cause someone to slip and fall, the lift holding the car up could fail, and in the event a repair goes bad, the auto repair shop is also protected from the angry customer as well.  Some auto repair shops also own and operate their own fleet of vehicles, from rapid response flat tire repair to tow trucks of various sizes for anything from a car to an eighteen wheeler.   These vehicles are also covered by garage liability insurance.  No auto repair shop is too small for garage liability insurance.  Even if the auto repair shop is on the side of a convenience store or another unrelated business, garage liability insurance should be used to protect it.

Garage keepers insurance is just as important as garage liability insurance for an auto repair shop.  While garage liability insurance protects the business and its property, garage keepers insurance protects the property of the customers.  Many of the same dangers concerning garage liability insurance also pertain to garage keepers insurance.  While garage liability insurance will probably provide more day-to-day protection, garage keepers insurance will most likely protect against a larger single claim.  If something were to happen at the auto repair shop that damages or destroys customer property, like a fire destroying several cars, garage keepers insurance provides coverage.  The cost of damages to vehicles and the property in them can quickly escalate into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the auto repair facility.

Both garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance have many different factors affecting the policy, and shopping around for an adequate garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance policy can be a very demanding task.  However, an independent insurance agency can effectively do most of the work for you by generating business insurance quotes from affiliated insurance providers.  This lets the auto repair shop owner focus on their work while ensuring the policy is the best value and meets the needs of the auto repair shop.

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Boardwalk Insurance Group has Marine Insurance 4.20/5 (84.00%) 5 votes

Owning a boat or ship opens you up to a lot of potential hazards while on the water.  Whether your water craft is for personal pleasure or commercial business, marine insurance or boat insurance can protect you while on the water.

Marine insurance can cover a wide range of aspects concerning marine operations and boat ownership.  The simplest marine insurance policies cover against damage or the loss of the boat or ship; however more comprehensive marine insurance policies can cover damage and liability to third parties and their property.  Marine insurance is also typically required on the boat or ship when taking out a loan to purchase the boat.  Boat insurance can cover a wide variety of crafts, from jet skis to luxury yachts to commercial vessels.

For personal craft, once a boat is paid for and marine insurance is no longer required, liability coverage is still recommended.  Liability coverage on boat insurance protects you if a third party is injured or their property is damaged, and it still covers damage to your boat or ship.  Personal marine insurance can be customized to cover salvage operations, including fire, sinking, fuel spills, and running aground.  Dock liability coverage can also be added to a marine insurance policy, protecting yourself from damage done to a marina or dock where your boat is docked.

Commercial marine insurance also has provisions to protect cargo in addition to many of the same protections in personal boat insurance.  Water transportation has some of the most unpredictable hazards, and even those that can be predicted are hard to avoid.  Pitching and rolling of ships can damage cargo as it rolls around inside the hold of the ship itself, despite the best packing by the company that packed the contents.  Commercial marine insurance protects the owner of the ship from having to cover the cost of the damages.  In addition, commercial marine insurance needs more provisions for employees, as well as third parties, since contractors are used on some larger vessels to have a full crew.  Also, since commercial vessels are generally larger that personal vessels, commercial marine insurance can cover larger ships than personal boat insurance.

Marine insurance can be very strict, with policies spelling out every minute detail and can be void if the details of the insurance policy are not regarded.  Finding the best personal boat insurance quotes or getting business insurance quotes for a commercial marine insurance policy can therefore be very time consuming and if the details are not checked and double checked, a missed item could be potentially disastrous.  An independent insurance agency can help out, since most have the ability to write policies for many different insurance providers.


Marine Insurance for Any Watercraft 3.67/5 (73.33%) 3 votes

The ocean can be a hazardous place, with potential problems lurking at every turn.  Storms, rough waves, underwater hazards, and others can pose problems for maritime transport.  To help reduce the financial risk of companies in related marine industries, marine insurance policies can be created. Marine insurance commonly covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and ship terminals.

Since there are both commercial and personal aspects to marine insurance, the types of policies and coverage can vary widely.  Commercial marine insurance can include cargo insurance, hull insurance, liability insurance, and freight insurance.  Cargo insurance covers the cargo onboard the ship, as well as the belongings of the people on the ship.  Hull insurance protects the costs of repair to the hull of the ship in case of damage, as well as much of the equipment and furniture on the ship that is not cargo.  Marine liability insurance provides compensation if a ship crashes or collides.  Freight insurance protects merchant vessel corporations from financial responsibility in the event of lost cargo from one of their ships.  These commercial marine insurance policies can be broken down or have variants to allow for merchants the flexibility to create a marine insurance policy that fits the needs of their business.

For more personal marine insurance policies, coverage like cargo and freight insurance is not needed.  However since boats and yachts can be significant investments, boat insurance is necessary to protect the owner from financial responsibility in case of an unforeseen event.  Additionally, many states require boat insurance, just as most states require auto insurance to protect the monetary damages motorists can inflict on each other.  Boat insurance is actually available as a form of marine insurance, or as an additional coverage on a homeowners’ insurance policy.  Water craft liability insurance is the most basic form of personal marine insurance available.  Water craft liability insurance covers damage to people or property due to actions on the boat, whether it is in the water or being towed to or from the water.  Sometimes added to personal boat insurance is a medical payment insurance that covers medical expenses of the operator and passengers in the boat if they injured in an accident covered by the liability marine insurance.  Wreck removal and pollution coverage is another recommended marine insurance addition to the standard boat insurance.  After a boat is wrecked, removal is required in a timely manner.  Depending on the damage to the boat and whether it has sank or not, this can be a costly undertaking, especially since the turnaround for removal must be expedient.  Also, if any gasoline or oil leaks, the owner of the boat will be fined for the pollution to cover the cleanup costs.  Wreck removal and pollution marine insurance coverage ensures these costly bills are not solely covered by the owner of the boat.

Similar to cars, many boating accidents take place within a short distance of the home port, so marine contractors’ insurance can be helpful coverage.  Marine contractors’ insurance covers workers in the port or marina where the boat or ship is docked, sheltering the owner from costs if a dock contract worker is injured while attending to their craft.

Marine insurance can protect one of the most significant investments people make outside of their home.  While the insurance coverage varies depending on the type of boat or ship and the purpose, the insurance can more than pay for itself in the event of an unforeseen accident.

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