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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Professional liability insurance protects professionals where a small error in their work could have disastrous financial results for their client.  Professionals who give out advice or handle paperwork are the most prominent holders of professional liability insurance, however many professions can use professional liability insurance to protect themselves from the cost of error related damages.

Professional liability insurance is important for many professionals, since it protects them from the financial damages related to an error in their work.  Professional liability insurance can cover a wide variety of professions where precision can be very important, and lack of precision can be very costly.

Here is a small selection of risks considered:

  • Architects/Engineers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Animal Grooming Services
  • Auctioneers
  • Billing Services
  • Car Title / Tag Services
  • Caterers
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Collection Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Credit Investigations
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Employment Agencies
  • Event Planners
  • Expert Witness
  • Funeral Directors
  • Hotel Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Tax Preparers
  • Temp Services
  • Trainers
  • Travel Agents
  • Administrative / Office Services
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Answering Services
  • Bookkeepers
  • Career Counseling / Researchers
  • Claim Administration
  • Composers / Lyricists
  • Court Reporters
  • Data Processors
  • Ergonomic Consultants
  • Forensic Analysts
  • Graphic Designers
  • Home Inspectors
  • HR Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Media/Publishing
  • Marketing Firms
  • Medical Billers / Coders
  • Mortgage Field Services
  • Photo Services
  • Property Managers
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Translators

If you do not see what you need on this list, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group to see if your profession can be covered.

Professional liability insurance is important since small errors in their work can lead to costly financial losses.


Professional Liability Insurance Products for IT Pros 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Information Technology professionals are tasked with creating and maintaining many electronic files, infrastructure, and information for businesses.  Being successful in the information technology business means handling quite a bit of information and interpreting and distributing it for others to use.  Unfortunately it is almost inevitable that mistakes are made.

Professional liability insurance protects many types of professionals, including those in the information technology industry.  Professional liability insurance covers losses due to negligence, misrepresentation, unfair dealing, and poor or inaccurate advice.  Professional liability insurance is unique because the damages are not physical, but they can still be financially harmful.

Our MicroTek Pak Product Targets:

  • IT Consultants with up to $500,000 in revenue
  • Up to 3 Professionals

Minimum premiums starting as low as $995.

Our SuperTek Pak Product Targets:

  • IT Consultants with up to $15,000,000 in annual sales

Policy Highlights:

  • Defense Outside the limits of liability

Do you know any professionals working in:

  • Website Design
  • Software Development
  • Database Administration
  • Web Hosting
  • Software/ Hardware Sales
  • And many, many more


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Insuring Those In a Specialty Construction Business 4.50/5 (90.00%) 4 votes

Construction is a demanding industry.  There are deadlines to meet, quality to ensure, and safety to observe.  Specialty construction jobs can be even more sensitive to the demands of the industry, where the average construction company and their reputation will not suffice.

Construction insurance combines many different insurance coverages into a unique policy for construction companies.  Construction insurance also extends to contractors hired by the construction company to help complete the project in a timely manner.  These construction insurance policies cover a very wide variety of specialty construction companies and offer much flexibility when creating a construction insurance policy.

Owners & Contractors Protective Liability Coverage:

  • Minimum Premium of $2,500
  • Deductibles from $0 to $5,000
  • Limits up to $3MM/$6MM
  • Appetite for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Governmental projects
  • 100% Earned Premium on RPL Coverage

Railroad Protective Liability Coverage:

  • Minimum Premium of $1,500
  • No deductible
  • Limits up to $2MM/$6MM
  • 100% Earned Premium on RPL Coverage

Optional GL Coverages Available:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto
  • Limited Electronic Data
  • Limited Pollution

Sample of Construction Operation that can be considered:

  • Alarm Installation, Service and Repair (With Limited Professional Available)
  • Boiler, Inspection, Installation Cleaning or Repair
  • Bridge or Elevated Highway Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Cell Phone Tower Erection, Service and Repair
  • Concrete Construction
  • Conduit Construction for Cables or Wires
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk – Paving or Repaving
  • Drywall or Wallboard Installation
  • Electrical Apparatus Installation, Service and Repair
  • Electrical Work Within Buildings
  • Excavation and Grading of Land
  • Fire Suppression Systems Installation, Service and Repair (With Limited Professional Available)
  • General Contractors – Commercial and Industrial
  • Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment
  • Logging and Lumbering
  • Machinery or Equipment – Installation Servicing or Repair
  • Masonry
  • Metal and Steel Erection
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Sewer Mains or Connections Construction
  • Solar and Wind Energy Construction
  • Street or Road Construction or Reconstruction
  • Welding or Cutting


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Insurance for Various General and Sub Contractors 4.33/5 (86.67%) 6 votes

Contractors and sub-contractors can make up large parts of personnel on projects.  Typically, companies working on large projects use contractors and sub-contractors to make up for the fact that they cannot do all of the work themselves.

Contractors need to have protection because the work they do is labor intensive and mistakes can have disastrous results.  This insurance for contractors covers a wide variety of contractor classes and has very good liability coverage, ensuring the contractors are protected from the costs of a loss or liability.

We have an in-housing binding authority for most Contractor Classes of business including but not limited to the following:

  • Masonry
  • Roofing – Commercial & Residential
  • Grading of Land
  • Plumbing – Commercial & Residential
  • Excavation
  • Plastering – Stucco
  • Painting
  • Drywall
  • Carpentry
  • General Contractors – Commercial & Residential
  • Concrete Construction
  • Swimming Pool – Below Ground
  • Debris Removal

General Liability

  • $1,000,000 Per Occurrence
  • $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • $2,000,000 Products Aggregate
  • $100,000 Fire Damage Legal Liability
  • $5,000 Medical Expense
  • $2,500 Minimum Property Damage Deductible, Per Occurrence

Special Extensions

  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Per Job Aggregate
  • Blanket Waiver of Rights
  • No Classification Limitation Endorsement
  • Primary & Non-Contributory Wording
  • Additional credits available for in business 3 years with no losses

Submission Requirements

  • ACORD Applications
  • Supplemental Contractors Application
  • Loss Runs – 3 to 5 years currently valued and details of losses over $10,000 (to bind)

Commercial General Liability Insurance for All Types of Contractors 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

Whether you are a general contractor, a sub contractor or something in between, you need to maintain a proper commercial insurance policy at all times.  The cost of your insurance coverage is dependent on several factors, but most importantly, your projected annual gross receipts.  In terms of insurance, this makes sense because the more money your business makes, the higher the chances of a loss.

At Boardwalk Insurance Group, we offer commercial general liability insurance for all types of contractors.  We also have specialty programs for contractors who are in the following types of businesses:

•    General Contractors
•    Plumbing
•    Roofing
•    Air Conditioning / Heating
•    Artisan Contractors
•    Carpentry
•    Electrical Wiring
•    Masonry
•    Door Installation
•    Painting / Paperhanging
•    Concrete / Cement Driveways & Curbs
•    Parking Lot Striping
•    Carpet / Tile / Marble Installation
•    Debris Removal
•    Drywall
•    Excavation
•    Grading of Land
•    Insulation Work
•    Plastering & Stucco
•    Siding Installation
•    Street Paving
•    Telephone Line Construction

Specialty programs designed for specific types of contractors allow you to save money while providing you with better coverages and more bells and whistles included within your policy.

When you work with a commercial insurance broker like Boardwalk Insurance Group, you can count on getting the best deal for all your insurance needs because we work with a network of insurance companies.  This allows us to shop on your behalf and provide you with several options, not just one “take it or leave it” quote.

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