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Garage Liability Insurance Versus Garage Keepers Insurance – What’s the Difference?

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Garage keepers insurance is an optional type of insurance for businesses that run service stations or offer towing services which protects the vehicles of customers while these are receiving service or are parked or stored in a covered location. The extent of the protection depends on the coverage of the insurance, but it normally includes protection from collision, fire, and theft. Also, it’s interesting to note that businesses having multiple storage locations usually have to get a garage keepers insurance for each of its locations. In Texas, the garage keepers insurance is also known as storage location insurance.

Garage Liability Insurance

Garage liability insurance protects shop owners when incidents occur while work is being done on customers’ cars. For example, it protects mechanics if a car gets damaged at the shop. Any car shop or other business which handles customers’ vehicles needs a garage liability insurance, and especially service stations, towing companies, repair shops, and car dealerships.

A basic garage liability insurance covers the costs associated with injuries that occur in the shop, whether they involve company staff or customers. Policies with more extensive coverage also protect the company and its employees from discrimination, or the company from employee dishonesty, theft, or vandalism.

Both Are Important

As you can see, while the garage keepers insurance covers damage to customer’s vehicles, the garage liability insurance covers the company’s liability for operations and automobiles. A garage keepers insurance and a garage liability insurance are different kinds of policies, but they complement each other and are a must-have for any car repair, car dealership, car service, or any other business whose operations involves the towing and storage of customer’s cars, whether this is for a limited or extended period.  Also, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of coverage each of these policies offer depends on the insurance company that provides them.

Boardwalk Insurance’s Complete Garage Insurance Solutions

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