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Insurance for Auto Repair Facilities, Mechanics Garages and Auto Body Shops

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Why do auto repair shops need to carry insurance?
•    Fire, wind or water damage to the building
•    Theft, destruction or disappearance of business personal property
•    Business income/extra expense loss
•    Failure of mechanical equipment
•    Customers slip and fall in shop area, lobby or parking lot
•    Liability claims from improper work
•    Accidents/damage to vehicles on test drives
•    Customer vehicle theft or vandalism
•    and much more…
Boardwalk Insurance Group specializes in insuring auto repair shops and mechanics garages.  Our specialty products include the following coverages:
•    Special Form including full theft coverage
•    Full theft limit is provided with central station burglar alarm protection
•    Coverage available for both mechanical and body shops
•    Value Plus Endorsement available
•    Sign, Fence & Outdoor Equipment Coverage
•    Accounts Receivable and more available (with Value Plus endorsement)
•    Replacement cost coverage on building(s) and business personal property
•    24 Hour claims contacts available
•    Business income and extra expense coverages
•    Equipment Breakdown coverage included
•    Garage liability insurance
•    Garage keepers insurance
•    Commercial general liability insurance
•    Commercial property insurance

Types of businesses we can provide insurance for:
•    Auto Repair Shop
•    Mechanic’s Garage
•    Auto Body Repair Shop
•    Auto Dealer / Dealership
•    Non-dealer shop
•    Auto Detail Shop
•    Car Stereo / Audio Shop
•    Performance Shop
•    Custom Equipment Installation Shop
•    Carwash
•    Independent or Franchised
•    and many more