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Insurance Program for Permanent Makeup, Tattoo Shops, and Body Piercing Businesses

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Body modification through piercings and tattoos can become living works of art when done properly.  Even those wanting simple designs or piercings can almost always receive quality work.  However, there always seem to be horror stories about tattoos and piercings gone wrong, which can expose the business to liability issues.

Business insurance for permanent makeup, tattoo shops, and body piercing businesses is extremely important, since doing body modification can have extreme consequences for simple errors.  This business insurance protects not only the business itself, but also the employees from the liability of their extremely rare mistakes.

This unique program covers not only Tattoo and Body Piercing Facilities but also Permanent Makeup Artist.  Our Competitive program starts as little as $200 per artist in most jurisdictions, subject to a $500 MP.


Our Program provides:

•     General Liability – up to $1/$2 mil Limits

•     Professional Liability included at no additional charge.

•     Property Coverage including Building, BPP, and Business Income.


Liability Coverages Include:

•     Infectious Disease- up to $50/$50

•     Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

•     Assault and Battery Coverage – up to $100/$100

•     Employee Benefits Liability

•     Coverage is provided on an Occurrence basis.


Eligible Risks:

•     New business risk provided the insured has 3 years minimum industry experience in their field.

•     Permanent Make-up artist working from a Beauty Parlor.

•     Risks that use an Autoclave system or disposable needles.

•     Risks using waivers on all clients.

•     Tattooing of minors (16-18) with parental consent.

•     Most forms of piercing are allowed including dermal anchors.


Coverage is placed through our exclusive program with an A rated carrier.