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Why You Need to Have Insurance on Your Vacant Property 4.80/5 (96.00%) 5 votes

Your property is empty, no tenants, and you are not using it.  You consider dropping the insurance on the property since the policy is so expensive and treats the property like it is occupied.  In addition, insuring a vacant property under standard homeowners insurance could be a violation of the terms of the policy.

Regardless of whether a property is occupied or not, insurance is still important to protect your investment in the property.  Vacant property insurance protects from many of the same perils as property insurance written for occupied properties without the same costs associated with insurance written for occupied properties.  Vacant property insurance protects from fires, storm damage (from wind, hail, and lightning), and damage from vehicles.  Optional coverage includes premises liability, vandalism, and other mischief.  Vacant property insurance can also be written for short and long-term periods, making it flexible enough that the owner is not paying for unneeded insurance when new tenants sign a lease.

Product Features:

  • 3, 6, 9 or 12 month Policy Term
  • Package or Monoline
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Buildings undergoing repair may be eligible
  • Special from and replacement Cost is available
  • No restrictions or Length of Vacancy



Insurance for Weddings and Other Special Events 4.60/5 (92.00%) 5 votes

Weddings should be a time of joy and celebration.  If you host weddings and other special events, do not let the prospect of liability claims or property damage dampen the event.  Insurance for special events protects you and your property from the costs of liability claims and property damage, ensuring you can afford to continue hosting events.

Special event insurance can be valuable for many facilities that host private events and special occasions.  Special event insurance can cover a wide variety of claims, protecting from property damage, general liability, and liquor liability.  Do not let your facility get caught off guard with no protection in place.


  • General Liability and host liquor liability coverage included with separate limits (important if there are multiple large claims)
  • Coverage for property damage caused to the rented banquet hall facility
  • Medical payments coverage is provided
  • Food and beverage product liability is included
  • No general liability deductible
  • $1,000 sublimit for lost deposits (cost to reimburse for a lost deposit if a vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy or fails to show up) included for no additional charge
  • Up to three additional insureds including the banquet hall facility owner can be included for no additional charge
  • No deductible
  • Defense Costs are outside policy limits
  • Limits of  $1,000,000/$2,000,000 available


  • Property Damage: Facility walls were damaged when children smeared chocolate from the chocolate fountain.
  • Property Damage: A guest spilled an entire glasses of red wine on the carpet.
  • General Liability: Five guests became sick from eating spoiled food from an outside caterer. They are seeking coverage for their medical payments.
  • General Liability: The bride’s cousin fell on the dance floor and broke her leg. She is seeking coverage for her medical bills.
  • Liquor Liability: The bartending service hired to serve alcohol at the wedding negligently served alcohol to an intoxicated or underage person.


  1. The banquet hall may be held liable for the actions of those selling or serving alcohol at the wedding.
  2. It may cost thousands of dollars in defense costs to prove you are not liable for a liquor liability claim.
  3. You can be brought into a claim if the wedding couple does not have a liquor liability insurance policy in place.

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Insurance for Homeowners Associations 4.75/5 (95.00%) 4 votes

Homeowners associations regulate communities to keep them looking respectable as well as foster the relations of the residents.  While they may be considered a thorn in the side of some residents, they exist for the overall betterment of the community.  Even an organization like a homeowners association needs insurance to protect their property.

Insurance for homeowners associations is imperative to protect homeowners associations from the unexpected.  Many homeowners associations host events and own property, and the protection afforded by insurance for homeowners associations can save them if an unfortunate, destructive event occurs.

Insurance for homeowners associations includes more comprehensive property coverage. Now the product offers Blanket Agreed Value coverage on property exposures such as fences, pools, signs and other non-building property for no additional premium!

This feature, combined with other competitive advantages for property, general liability and professional liability, makes this package product a great choice.

Some additional coverage features that enhance this package product include:

- Low, competitive minimum premiums

- Property manager/management company automatically included as additional insured

- Lifetime occurrence reporting provision protects former directors and officers

- Defense costs are outside the limit of liability

- Breach of contract coverage provided

- Employment practices liability coverage included with directors and officers coverage

- Hired and non-owned auto liability can be included

- Crime and umbrella coverage available

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Commercial and Residential Building Renovation Insurance Coverage 4.75/5 (95.00%) 4 votes

Renovation can be cheaper than tearing down and building a new structure from scratch.  However properties undergoing renovation can be dangerous.  There are many tools and potentially hazardous chemicals on the property that can cause significant damage if someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Renovation insurance protects the property while it is still being worked on.  Renovation insurance is a form of property insurance, protecting from losses caused by many hazards, such as fire, smoke, vandalism, lightning, and explosion.  While the company completing the renovations is trusted to work as safely as possible, potential hazards still exist, making renovation insurance extremely important as the property is being improved.


•     Damage by fire

•     Smoke damage

•     Damage caused by vandalism or malicious mischief

•     Lightning striking your building

•     Loss due to explosion




•     Coverage for partially occupied building available

•     Contact within 24 hours of claim to report by adjuster

•     Coverage for additions that do not involve load bearing members of building

•     Replacement cost coverage for new construction portion of the project

•     Coverage can be written for the full term of the project

•     Product flexibility offering either Basic or Special Form

•     Replacement Cost Valuation is standard on the new construction work

•     Project can be written for the full duration of the construction project

•     Rate structure contemplates new construction work being added gradually to the existing building


•     Up to $3,000,000 per location in PC 1-8

•     Up to $1,000,000 per location in protections class 9-10

*Limits of up to $500,000 per location excluding wind and hail in coastal areas

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Cheap Insurance for Small Businesses 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

Small businesses make up a very large part of the economy, however even the most successful small businesses will choose not to expand for many different reasons.  Small businesses have a unique charm and character that disappears as they become larger and larger.

One of the identifying features of a small business is just that: its size.  So why should a small business pay for business liability insurance and business property insurance like the big guys do?  Small business insurance caters to businesses that do not need or cannot afford insurance that the big businesses hold.  Included in most small business insurance policies are both liability and property coverage tailored for small businesses and not watered down versions of big business insurance policies.

This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs of a wide variety of mercantile risks.



Coverage available as:

  • Businessowners Form (If eligible)
  • Package
  • Monoline Liability
  • Monoline Property

Broad Eligibility Requirements

  • Over 75 Classes selected for preferred treatment
  • Up to $3,000,000 in annual sales
  • New ventures eligible


Low Minimum Premiums



  • Limits available up to: $1,000,000 occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate
  • Expanded definition of Bodily Injury to include Sickness or Disease caused by Mental Anguish or Emotional Stress
  • No Liability Deductible
  • Pollution Exclusion has Hostile Fire Exception
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage available
  • Commercial Excess General Liability, Umbrella available up to $5,000,000



  • Broad Property Coverage using ISO’s April ’02 coverage form
  • Equipment Breakdown – Includes free boiler inspections if required in your jurisdiction
  • Value Plus Endorsement available providing 15 coverage extensions and enhancements
  • Special Cause of Loss and Replacement Cost available


Up to $3,000,000 in Property limits, $500,000 in all Coastal areas


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Liability and Property Insurance Quote for Vacant Buildings 4.00/5 (80.00%) 2 votes

If you own or manage properties and some are vacant, insurance is still important to protect you from risk, losses, or claims.  Liability and property insurance for your vacant buildings cover can keep your assets safe and secure.

Finding the best coverage for your property can take time, but using an independent insurance agency like Boardwalk Insurance Group will save you time and money while they shop around for you.  For your convenience, Boardwalk Insurance Group has several locations and is licensed in over half the United States.  Boardwalk Insurance Group can get quotes for most policies in 24 hours or less.

Quick Quotes for Vacant Buildings

Eligible Risks

•     Commercial

•     Residential

•     All Protection Classes


•     Multiple Markets

•     $1/$2 Million General Liability Limits

•     $5 Million Property Limits

(Higher limits available)

•     Annual, 6 Month or 3 Month Available

•     Replacement Cost for Select Risks

•     Very Competitive Rates

If you need a quote on liability and property insurance for your vacant properties contact Boardwalk Insurance Group today.  Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by to assist.


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